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How to strip dialogue from a soundtrack on a blu ray?

I see that a poster called Cathy asked a similar question in 2018 but didn’t get a satisfactory response?

I would like to lift the dialogue from the mix of a film, add my own score and re-edit.

I have access to a full suite of Adobe, plus add ons like Boris, Red Giant etc.

I am thinking that to save space there may be a muic and FX track that is standard on multi lingual films with the selected language added at playback? Or is it may separate tracks? In my edit so far I have taken the music I wish to add and synced sound effects but I am stumped with dialogue!

Anyway - can anyone help suggest a method to lift dialogue?

Octopussy - All Time High cut (Released)

I watched each Bond film in order again recently, due to being at home during the pandemic

As much as I enjoyed each movie Octopussy just annoyed me. Aside from some casual racism for me its the movie that should have killed the franchise dead with its silliness.

Somewhere in there I believed there was a decent adventure attempting to get out so I created the All Time High cut

Using the blu ray as my source I set about deleting and rejigging the movie to offer a less comedic take without removing the humour so important to Bond completely.

Trims include

  • “Sounds like a load of Bull” which just never landed for me
  • Veejay playing the Bond theme is now just a generic tune
  • References to Vejay being a tennis pro and any swiping of villains with his tennis racket are GONE!
  • “That should keep you in curries for a few weeks” GONE
  • This is a company car street chase trimmed mainly removing locals being told to look right look left as if at a tennis match. It wasn’t funny in 1983 either
  • Bond ogling his co worker’s breasts on camera - removed
  • Jungle chase re-edited to remove Tarzan, Siiiit! and Hiss Off. It comes across quite tense without these!
  • Train chase massively re-edited to remove the gorilla suit and to make the hanging off the train the main focus
  • Slight trims throughout to remove shots or phrases that make MI6’s top agent look like a lusty uncle
The Fires of Time - Star Trek Generations as a 48 minute TV episode (Released)

Ever since I first saw the film Star Trek Generations, it has bugged me. The pacing seemed off and there seem to be two films grafted together in an unsatisfying result for either crew.

Whilst on furlough I took the opportunity to re-edit some of my ideas and one of these became “The Fires of Time” a what if season 8 Next Generation episode.

Using the blu ray as a source i have edited the story as follows

  • 4:3 720p using the letterboxed image from the blu ray to pan and scan to make a TV of the 90s picture
  • The episode begins at the point we join the Holo-deck scene
  • Certain elements that impact on other removed scenes are eliminated; Worf and Crusher no longer end up in the ocean
  • The teaser fades as the news on the attack on the station comes in
  • Credits
  • The ship is orbiting the station and the away team beams in; scenes on the bridge in naval uniform are gone
  • Part one fades on Worf’s “Romulans!”
  • Part two opens with Picard meeting Soran in Ten Forward
  • All the emotion chip scenes are gone throughout the film
  • The death of Rene and Robert is edited (removing the new actors and Patrick Stewart’s attempt at “crying”)
  • The star goes nova - fade
  • Next scenes are trimmed to remove Data’s “fear”
  • Klingon scenes slightly trimmed
  • Scene with Picard and Data discussing the ribbon is edited down and removes the remorse aspect
  • Soran tortures Geordie - fade
  • Picard swaps himself for Geordie and beams to Veridian 3
  • Confrontation with Klingons slightly edited
  • Ship sep and aftermath slightly trimmed
  • Data says “Oh shit!” removed
  • Rest of the plot joins the two Veridan encounters without the Nexus scenes and intercuts with the saucer crash
  • Finale is slightly trimmed t remove Data and Troi scene
  • New end credits

If it sounds of interest feel free to PM me?