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Rebels my own dvd version

I made it for my custom dvd version (Seasons 1-3 with all specials on 12 DVD).
Cover is in Polish. I plan a second cover for next 6 dvd box.
My DVD version contains :
Season 0 - 4 short episodes
Rebels - The Ultimate Guide
First Episode in Extended Version
Rebels theme music video

Look inside the DVD
Authors Animated Presentation

Series Animated Movie

Main Menu Animated

Specials Menu

Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers

Darth Tater said:

Hey folks,

I, too, have been inspired by Harmy’s despecs to create some cover art. These are the first movie covers I have put together, but I am enjoying it and think they are coming along well.

Like EyeShotFirst, I am using the older artwork (always my favorite), but with slightly different takes (framing, color balance, banners, etc.). I used color corrected lightsabers more accurate for the films. ROTJ was already done in the source image, and the SW77 one I did. All of the poster images came from the Hi-Res Cover Art thread, and the screenshots I took straight from Harmy’s edits in VLC.

For the spines, I went more with a 2006 DVD look. You can’t tell, but the sequels use a font called “Episode I” with “Depecialized Edition” below in the same typeface as on SW77.

They are not quite done, as I have to do the backs and write the copy for TESB and ROTJ and finish the specs, credits, and fine print for all three, but they should be finished soon.

As these are my first covers, feedback is appreciated.

SW DE Covers Small

Larger Version:

Hi-Res Cover Art Thread:

Episode I Font Download:

I need font you wrote Despecialized Edition