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BLOOD OATH - Assault On Precinct 13. (1976) (Released)

Years ago I made a fan edit of this film, a double feature with Escape from New York. I remade this edit separately because of the use now of DTS surround. In the new edit, I use exactly the same 6 channel tracks and I re-cut the film to 69 minutes. Some music editing is also done and a new track at the ending. The killing of the girl is (somehow) more graphic (music of the ice scream car continues, the silencer of Doubleday is overdubbed) Some scenes are done in a different order and less dialogue. One of the first I do of the John Carpenter films. I put my hands also on remakes of Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, The Thing, and Christine. (upcoming in a few months)
Brand-new edits with DTS surround
From today on my site

Hannibal - The Chesapeake Ripper (Released)

This is the first edit of three we do from the Hannibal TV series

It comes from the mind of ZAGADKA, and I did already some earlier projects with him like Hannibal - The Morbidity of the Soul and The Lament Box, a remake of my HELLRAISER edit THE BOX

We do this TV show as a TV to Movie, this is the first season cut to a running time of 2 hours and 46 minutes
It is done in a 2.40 ratio with DTS sound converted from 5.1 to 7.1

There is a lot of re-scores/replacements in it from other Hannibal movies, music by Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, but also tracks of John Carpenter and The Newton Brothers

It will be released by the end of the week on my blog