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Thanks for the review, The conversation on 24:48 is about the baby is not from Steve
You see that later in the conversation Stan has with Michael in the same scene, but so far I know Stan never mentioned that at the wedding, it is (or I must absolutely miss something) like in the original.

In the third act when Michael enters the cabin (I think you refer to that) Stan is playing with his gun, well, you know the scene, but for me, that has nothing to do with the cut scene about the clothes and that whole conversation. The reaction of Michael is what was happening to him in Vietnam.
Anyway, thanks again for the review, and also for the Silence edition.


JIGSAW: A History of Desperation (a chronological fanedit based on the SAW saga) (Released)

Another SAW edit from my hands in collaboration with ZAGADKA
I started the project two months ago after I received a list from him and I found it absolutely fantastic
The story in JIGSAW - A HISTORY OF DESPERATION is build up from all the SAW movies
Because of that, the editing and work on this project was tremendous
A lot of re-scores in the edit, that means hours of searching for the right music, testing it, etc etc
Not everything was going smoothly, some music/scenes didn’t work, new idea’s come up, so we had to start over but eventually, we get what we want
Mostly I worked on weekends on this stuff and now we have an edit of 128 minutes, 2.40 widescreen in DTS 7.1
Don’t expect a slaughterhouse like I usually do in most of my edits, it’s more made like a psychological thriller
Of course, there is gore but at a low level.
I hope the SAW fans will enjoy this, and it was fun to make it but I am glad that the game is over (for now)
The release is Sunday evening on my site

BLOOD OATH - Assault On Precinct 13. (1976) (Released)

Years ago I made a fan edit of this film, a double feature with Escape from New York. I remade this edit separately because of the use of DTS surround. In the new edit, I use exactly the same 6 channel tracks and I re-cut the film to 69 minutes. Some music editing is also done and a new track at the ending. Some scenes are done in a different order and less dialogue. One of the first I do of the John Carpenter films. I put my hands also on remakes of Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, The Thing, and Christine.
From today on my site

Hannibal - The Chesapeake Ripper (Released)

This is the first edit of three we do from the Hannibal TV series

It comes from the mind of ZAGADKA, and I did already some earlier projects with him like Hannibal - The Morbidity of the Soul and The Lament Box, a remake of my HELLRAISER edit THE BOX

We do this TV show as a TV to Movie, this is the first season cut to a running time of 2 hours and 46 minutes
It is done in a 2.40 ratio with DTS sound converted from 5.1 to 7.1

There is a lot of re-scores/replacements in it from other Hannibal movies, music by Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, but also tracks of John Carpenter and The Newton Brothers

It will be released by the end of the week on my blog