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Rumors of soundtrack Re-Issues?
I was wondering if they are planning to re-issue the soundtracks for the whole trilogy? Years ago,they released a box set. It was an oblong shape box. Anyone remember this? I liked it. But with my sound system,it could have been better. The music did not jump out and grab me like it should have. I have Klipsch speakers with Harman Kardon & Rotel equipment. So, good recordings come to life, especially orchestra music.

With the new formats out now, I would love to see it as a DVD-Audio or SACD release. I have both formats at home and would love to listen to the score in 5.1! I just bought a disc with Jerry Goldsmith's music in the SACD format. It sounds fantastic!! I can't imagine what John Williams score would be like.

With DVD-Audio, they are backward compatible with existing DVD players. They will include a 2 CH version, as well as a 5.1 version. In most cases,they also include it in DTS.

SACD is less intising(but top notch quality). You have to be very careful! Many discs are "Hybrid", and will contain a 2 CH layer to be played on any conventional cd player. If not a "Hybrid", it can only be played on a SACD player.

So, for all the Star Wars fans here, the hope of a soundtrack re-issue in one of these formats should make sense.