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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Darth Lucas said:

Thank god he commented. It’s been a damn war zone in that comment section. And if he talks shit directly to Harmy, he’s a bigger ass than we even thought.

He already answered in a very rude way to another guy in the comment section (this was before Harmy commented) and tried to justify himself.

btw there is a “Hide this user’s comments on this channel” feature that can be used, and he 100% used it because you can still see your comment if it’s yours, but the others can’t.
Harmy, if you try to check your comment when you’re not logged in, you probably won’t see it either

so yeah he didn’t like it

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Domain info :
Domain Name:
Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Creation Date: 2017-06-07T23:49:53Z

He actually bought his domain via a website that assures total anonymity for their clients ( in this case) unless someone files a complaint (which you can do if you go on their website).
His servers are hosted by GoDaddy, which is a fairly known web hoster, although if you want to do something about it Domains By Proxy is the way to go to file a complaint.

This info is really easy to get btw, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post more info than what I already posted (like the owner’s domainsbyproxy email address, among other things) but you can easily find it if you use the GoDaddy WHOIS feature on their website and just type in the search bar.

kk650's Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized

allangelsgone said:

kk650 said:

They are all available on Myspleen. I will put these up on public torrents as 5GB releases when I get the chance, Christmas festivities have kept me very busy.

These edits seem like all I’ve been looking for, thank you for the great effort.
However I have no idea how to get into Myspleen and my OLED-TV would appreciate higher quality than 5GB.
Would appreciate some advice on how to get my hands on these in great quality.

Merry Christmas!

Myspleen is a private tracker (torrenting website) and it’s pretty hard to get invited so if you aren’t already on it or know someone who is it will be pretty hard to get your hands on it now that tehparadox is down.
If kk is kind enough to release them in their 5GB versions, maybe he’ll release the higher quality versions later, who knows…