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Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

bromeo said:

Enigmo said:

Ah yes, my good friend AnimeAjay. If you check the tags of the video, you’ll see he included my name there…for certain reasons 😛

Haha, I have only just recently started to get into anime (Death Note was my virgin cruise!) and Dragon Ball has always been something that I’ve known about but never really had the time for because of the huge amount of episodes. Now I just decided one morning that I need to see the whole series, starting from the original Dragon Ball. Then I began to read all about the different releases and color corrections etc. Dragon Boxes, Season sets, Levels sets and oh boy… so much information. 😄

Someone recommended WinxBloom1980’s DBZ to me but that ship seems to have sailed. It had the broadcast audio too if I understood correctly?

That’s still available at the Internet Archive.

Aladdin 35mm (Released)

Avatar_Emil_Borg said:

MadSpecialist said:

It’s by no means a replacement of the optical track but for anybody that’s interested, I think I managed to sync ADigitalMan’s restored 5.1 surround audio track with this release by decreasing the tempo of it by 0.750 seconds then muxing it with a delay of 500 ms.

Sounds great! Put it up somewere to share!

I’ve updated my comment on the release’s page at Blutopia with a link to it, otherwise, just drop me a line.