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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker edit : The Final Sith (Released)

Here is another review.

I bet a pizza with another star wars fan that my edit is at least a 6 out of 10. If it is not, I owe a pizza. If it is a 6 out of 10 or more, I get a pizza.

The fan viewed the movie unedited before my edit, and did NOT like the path taken. Could not understand some of the plot that was in the movie. Could not believe they went with a script that included such forehead slappers or something like that.

So I edited the movie and the bet was made.

I am now owed a pizza.

The movie has been graded at around a 6 or 7 out of 10. I am going to get a loaded pizza for my efforts.

Mission accomplished.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker edit : The Final Sith (Released)

I have completed some changed to the movie already. Many thanks to idr_hh for pointing some things out.

  • The beginning crawl has been changed to be a tad shorter.

  • Some scenes put in so the viewer can understand where Rey is during the end battle.

  • Tried to tweak Rey going into the dark realm by inserting some small scenes.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker edit : The Final Sith (Released)

Thanks idr_hh for the thoughts!

I need to point out that Rey did not go to Exogale. She stayed in the dark realm. Never even going to the planet.

Old plapatine was working everything from there. Connected to the sith planet by way of the dark dark side and that evil building. Or through that force skype thing, that is a force thing now. lol.

I thought about the chewie death thing but on the other hand, they may have thought he was dead cause the bad guys are like real bad and kill everyone. Especially now during this countdown to an attack. This could also show Rey does not have mastery over the force when she is mad or on a mission with emotions. She could not tell. She thought Chewie was a goner but wait! She was wrong. haha.

There might be a way to get this more pronounced. hmmmm.

I might work in the cave sequence a bit more as well.

That is interesting you thought the beginning crawl was too long. I did another star wars edit with a very short crawl and someone else complained. Said it was “too short” and should have more in it. So this time I thought a bit more would suffice. haha. I shall possibly remove one paragraph perhaps.

Once again thanks for your input!

May the force be with you.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker edit : The Final Sith (Released)

Thought I would see if any are interested in my edit.

I fixed most of the things so Palpatine can stay in the movie.

The biggest change is where Rey meets Palpatine. They do face each other however, It’s no longer where you expect it. They don’t meet in the real world.

The resistance also land on the planet instead of on a star destroyer in the end. Oh man, why did they approve of this? So many problems.

Kylo ren stays dead. No quicksand. No training in the beginning. No lightspeed skipping.

Renamed the movie to : “The Final Sith”


Solo: A Star Wars Story Edit (Released)

I actually thought of that. There are a few problems with each of them so I decided not to.

The lady proxima scene was good. However if used, it would not explain how she walked into the room with Solo. Plus she looks like she is wearing something different.

Not a big deal but it would hurt my brain somehow.

I would have included the scenes when they run from the dog things. When they jump into the water but, it seemed to have been done before. Like a basket gag kinda thing. Still, it would work I guess. It just nitpicking maybe.

I really wanted to put in the scene with solo being kicked out from the pilot school but then I would have to use scenes from other movies. And when watching, any star wars fan would be able to pick them out, like tell where they came from. haha.

The scene with Solo and Chewie talking was done good. I actually thought solo talking wookie scene was better but only because it subverts your expectations. . . .

The snowball fight, oh man. That was good. However it would have to be put in right after Val’s death. It would break the mood. doh.

The scene with solo eating the food might work actually. haha. For a laugh break inside the tension. Hmmm.

The scene with solo getting those special box’s might work maybe. lol. I just never thought to put it in.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Edit (Released)

Well here are a few of them. Spoilers! lol.

  • Removed text at beginning.
  • Removed many snippets of dialog that keep the movie flow down.
  • Removed some parts during Lady Proxima scene.
  • Removed Solo name thing during Solo’s admission.
  • Removed some jokes that don’t work very well.
  • Inserted deleted scene with the dude dying during the empire battle scene in the beginning.
  • Fixed dialog during the supper scene.
  • Val no longer kills herself.
  • Less emphasis on the young girl character who can beat up men. Oh, and she is no longer the leader.
  • Removed most of the out of place dialog from the female robot feminist thing.
  • Removed the weird lando/robot love plot.
  • Quickened up several scenes by removing awful dialog that really is about women/girls or feminism.
  • Tightened up scene with Darth maul. Makes it more menacing.

Around 111 edits for this one.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Edit (Released)

I thought I would let some people know of this edit I completed.

This movie really had some potential. The original directors might have been on to something. Who knows?

I mean they had a decent track record. Taking something weird and making it great to watch.

Maybe then, that female robot would have been more palatable.

So, anyway it is done. Around 100 edits or so.

I did not even get to watch the end before I was putting it into the software to be edited. 10 minutes in. Did not even know what was going to happen. Damn you Kathleen!

  • Different beginning
  • Many edits removing the audience hand holding dialog and scenes.
  • Less of this Han building character arch. Now it’s a good Ron Howard movie that is about Han.
  • Less of these damn dice, or rather an attempt at lessening the meaning.
  • Included one deleted scene.
  • Removed most of the female robot’s dialog. Phew!

I can provide some links to anyone who will give me a review!


Here is a trailer for said project:

Star Trek: Discovery - season one edits (Released)

If anyone is interested, the whole season has been edited.

  • Less gore and swear words.
  • Reduced shots of the main character all the time.
  • Less romance between the characters
  • Less dialog that drags

The first 2 episodes have been merged into one show.

This was done for the trek, nothing but the trek, so help me trek.

Star Wars: The last Jedi - "The last hope" (Released)

I edited this film so Luke has a decent arc. Not this old man giving up thing.

  • Over 340 edits. For a 207 min movie.
  • Included some deleted scenes.
  • Tons of changes. The list of changes is 7 pages long.


  • Rey starts training before any ships start firing.
  • Luke never says anything about being the last jedi.
  • Poe gets informed bout what’s going on early, no mutiny.
  • Luke does not go to burn down the text but meets Yoda anyway.
  • Rey gets Snoke!
  • Rose gets shot by a walker during the speeder scene and then. .
  • Luke now seems to do things cause the island is sending him signals.
  • No jokes. 98 percent are now gone.
  • Almost the whole movie is there, just rearranged better.
  • This edit starts and ends with Luke. How it should be. .
    End of spoilers.

This took me almost 2 weeks. It sure took on a life of it’s own.

This is the first movie where I absorbed many different documentaries, utube reviews and just reviews of all the hate of said movie. Before I even seen the thing.

The reviews are right. After purchasing the product on itunes, I watched it with my son. We shut it off halfway through. Halfway through. I tried to like it. I tried to see some star wars in the material, I could not see much. Not enough to keep watching.

So then came what I thought would be a light edit. No so. Not so young padawan.

So now this flick is kinda like “The Empire Srikes Back”. In that the story follows the exact same structure. Maybe this is why they cut the movie in the way it is. Who knows.

It is available now for those who would like to check it out.

Here is one review, “Star Wars has turned to shit but this fan edit is badass” “This really felt like watching an old school Star Wars movie”

Edit: I am making a few small changes. Shout out to Chris solo for noticing them.

Star Wars The Force Awakens fanedit Han dies by the force

Actually, it works a bit more. I really did not like the overlong talk between the two. If we had one more movie to learn about his son, just something more so the scene would have more depth.

For example. Why have it on the catwalk or whatever they where standing on? I mean, it was only there to serve the story. So you could have a dramatic part where we see Han fall over. (sniffle)

Another example of how this was written is the light sabre fight scene near the cliff. Oh man that was total bollywood. A cliff that just shows up and does not take the two down? A bit much.

Now we see how the dark side is. It’s dark. No speeches, just some dark side death. The dialog even suggests that Kylo knew that this would happen or something. Like he was planning it somehow. I even removed the “find them” order Kylo barks out when they arrive to try and suggest some planning. Some sinister planning.

Love the scene after with Kylo Ren. The way he hit’s himself over and over is totally spot on for a troubled kid who has to deal with something horrible, something that he just did. Like he’s convincing himself he was right with pain.

I notice that there is a love hate thing going on with this edit. I showed it to my kids and a few friends. They all like it. Much better for them. For others, they cannot see. lol

Star Wars The Force Awakens fanedit Han dies by the force

Here is how he dies in this edit.

Han is planting the bombs to blow up the facility. Kylo walks out onto the catwalk, turns around, and says “Han Solo. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.” We cut to Han placing a bomb. Kylo says “I’ll show you the Dark Side.” Quick cut to his gloved hand extending. The bomb explodes and Han goes along with it. Kylo takes off his helmet, we cut to Leia feeling Han’s death, and then we cut back to Chewie gettin’ pissed and shooting everyone.

Star Wars The Force Awakens fanedit Han dies by the force

I just completed a fanedit on this um reboot/sequel/ of Star Wars the force copy awakens.

I did not like the flick as much as I wanted.

I disliked the movie so much I edited a copy with laugh tracks. haha.

But while I was editing the movie with the laugh tracks a funny thing happened.

My mind went to work on this movie and figured out a way so Han dies different and not by the light sabre.

Instead of getting the sabre in the chest, Han dies from his son using the force.

So after that I had to finish the movie.

No heavy handed bb8 appearance in the beginning, no monsters on Han’s ship, no trench run, no Luke giving up, no mention of the word “son”, no scene where the little alien takes off the goggles, no unexplained r2d2 sleeping thing (now r2d2 is just charging), Han’s son only freaks out once, no helicopter scene around luke, etc.

New title crawl, renamed the movie to “The Force Within.”

Now it plays out better. Like it was made for adults. Less eye rolling.


The Phantom Menace - my edit

I looked at some other star wars posts and found links in the description that lead to downloads. I could not find a way to add the https link to a word so I left it the way it was.

Either way the movie is ready to be checked out.

I have some thumbs up from kat, and some very great reviews from another site.

One fan actually hated the fact that it was re-edited. He thought the movie was great on it's own.

I never new such a person existed.

He still liked the editing though, "top notch". lol.


The Phantom Menace - my edit

I never thought I would do this movie but, it did seem like a challenge.

And what a challenge it was.

I thought that the movie would flow better if it stuck around the Jedi and Obi Wan. That way the viewer would connect more.

The ending has been re-arranged so there are less cuts away from the final battle.

The droids are not in the limelight.

The kid has less crappy lines.

Now the flick flows a bit better and a tad more on the star wars side of things.

Search for Macs-Voltage on kat. U will find it.

my ROTJ fan edit (Released)

Thought I would let some people check out a fan-edit of mine. I was never going to do this movie but as a challenge, I thought this would be a good thing to do.

I never really liked this movie. After Empire, this movie seemed like a Saturday morning cartoon. Doh!

The changes made were to make the movie more adult like.

There is a description of changes in the link.

Edit: link removed by moderator.

please do not post links to downloads on this site.

Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ - link


Info: Newbie here. I have a bunch of fan-edits already done, and I would like to share them!

Hello fellow fan-editors. Fan-editing has become my hobby and I would like to share them for it seems illogical not to. I would welcome any ideas in improving the movies. Here is a list of the ones that are available right now.

Event horizon

Chronicals of Riddick

Tron 2

Johnny English

Johnny English reborn

Star trek v

Return of the Jedi



Deepstar six

King Solomon’s mines

Star ship troopers 3

2010 the year we make contact

Aeon Flux

Ghosts of mars


Babylon A.d


Interstellar corn (I edited 2 movies out of interstellar, this one is about the corn lol)

The black hole

Battlestar galactica saga of a star world


Matrix 2 and 3 into one movie


Saturn 3



I do have about say 15 more to add but I would like to bring those up to better quality. I am currently working on batman begins. That one is almost done! 😃

Awesome to see more places for sharing fan-edits!

Here is a link for downloading.

Link removed please read the rules*