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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

poppasketti said:

I think if it’s required that she’s related to someone we know, Palpatine was the best choice. It’s supported by what we’d already seen, and her dark side connection at least gives her an internal struggle and retains the message of choosing your identity. I’m glad it didn’t end up being someone like Obi-Wan, because I think that would have landed with a big “So what?”

Otherwise, I think the Rey Nobody idea introduced in TLJ was a great twist, and makes force using more about worthiness and character than about bloodline. It also has that ratatouille thing of, “Not everyone can become a great cook, but a great cook can come from anywhere.” Ratatouille? anyone?

Wise you are! There is a great deal of truth in your words! thumbsup

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

sade1212 said:

MMP said:

I can’t understand why so many of you have a problem with Rey being a Palpatine. For me, it’s the only possible explanation why she is so powerful. I like the character of Rey, but in Part 7 & 8 it always bothered me, that she was too strong and powerful. But when it became known that she’s a Palpatine, everything made sense to me.

But why is Palpatine so powerful? If it’s genetic, there’s no reason Rey couldn’t have been born with the same random innate power as young Sheev. If it’s from years of intense Sith training, then Rey wouldn’t have inherited it.

Why is Luke so powerful? Because his father was. Why Leia and her son? I think it is genetic. It does make sense to me. It doesn’t have to make sense for everyone else. But when I saw the movie the first time, my reaction was “OK, that explains why she is so powerful and why she went straight to the dark side in TLJ”. The whole trilogy would have been much more implausible for me when she would have been a nobody. But thats just my opinion.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

Papa’s_rod said:

Is this the final workprint? “Rey Nobody” version has any progress? i’m waiting for that version.

All the work put on this edit is incredible and i appreciate all the effort, but i really can’t enjoy the movie with that twist, that “twist” cheapens the whole trilogy for me and makes the whole Rian vs JJ tug war situation more glaring.

I can’t understand why so many of you have a problem with Rey being a Palpatine. For me, it’s the only possible explanation why she is so powerful. I like the character of Rey, but in Part 7 & 8 it always bothered me, that she was too strong and powerful. But when it became known that she’s a Palpatine, everything made sense to me.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Revitalized (Released)



This is my second fan-edit. After having been (surprisingly) very happy with my first fan-edit (The Last Jedi Reforged) and having got some very positive feedback from it’s viewers (Thank you guys!!!), I took the decision to make a second fan edit. And again it’s a movie which left me very disappointed when I watched it for the first time: 
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
The very positive thing about this movie was without any doubt Harrison Ford. Although he was over 60 years old, he was for the most part still able to represent a tough, funny and likable Indiana Jones.
Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt had it’s flaws, but in the end, I liked him too. The same applies to Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood.
The majority of the cast did a very good job. Steven Spielberg, the director, did (like always) a good job as well, but in the end, George Lucas’ very poor story about aliens & their UFO, some very stupid ideas (Indy survives an atomic explosion in a fridge), and many other things ruined the movie for me.
So I tried to make a version of the movie that I could watch without throwing my remote control out of the window.
In the end, I’m quite happy with my version of the film. It still has some flaws, but overall I think it’s watchable (it’s still no comparison to the first three movies, so don’t expect too much).

Important notes:

Special thanks go to 15MaF, for the permission to use two scenes from his Indy 4 fan edit. Please take a look at his version of the film, it can be found here in the forums!

Prior Changes:

  • There are no aliens in this cut. Yes, there are NO aliens. Not even dead ones. There are still the crystal skulls and skeletons and it’s obvious that they are from another world, but I think the aliens shown in the theatrical cut were exaggerated and ridiculous (and had very bad CGI).
  • No Aliens means no UFO as well.
  • There is no atomic explosion.
  • No atomic explosion means no Indy surviving an atomic explosion in a fridge as well!
  • There is no sword-fight between Mutt and Irina. I liked some of the scenes, but overall it was exaggerated and didn’t work for me.
  • Except one very short scene, there are no “Mutt swinging like Tarzan through the jungle” scenes.

Detailed changes:

Hot Rod scene:

  • there are no prairie dogs!  The dirt mound is run over by the Hot Rod, that’s it. This scene has been done by 15MaF, so all praise for this scene belongs to him!


  • I removed the alien unwrapping. I did this for two reasons: I think there is much more suspense when you don’t know exactly what’s in the wooden box. And as I stated above I don’t want any aliens in this fan-edit!
  • I removed the “i like ike” Joke.
  • The LED countdown digits have been replaced with Nixie tube digits. This scene has been done by 15MaF, so all praise for this scene belongs to him!

Rocket Sled run:

  • I removed the prairie dogs

Atomic explosion:

  • This entire scene has been removed. After the rocket sled run, Indy walks away and reaches a town. In the theatrical cut this town is nuked a few moments later. In my version it’s supposed to be a military base.

Interrogation scene:

  • I removed the first half of Indy’s interrogation.
  • I removed any reference to the fridge and the atomic explosion.

I didn’t change any scenes at the university and train station because they worked for me.


  • I removed a part of Mutt talking about his mother.
  • I removed Mutt yelling “shut up!”. I wanted to make Mutt more likable. I think this helps the viewer to accept him as Indy’s son later.

Town Chase scene:

  • The Marcus-Statue is not beheaded. Poor Marcus didn’t deserve this!

Indy’s House:

  • I removed Mutt’s phrase “you’re 80”. As I stated above, I wanted to make Mutt more likable.

I didn’t change any scenes at Cusco market, the asylum and the cemetery because they worked for me.

Jungle Camp:

  • I removed the scene in which Irina shows Indy the alien (have I already told you that I don’t like aliens in my cut?).

Dry sand scene:

  • I removed the scene where Mutt tells Indy to call the snake a rope. Overall I liked the snake scene, but this was childish.

Jungle Chase scene:

  • I removed a part of the flirts between Indy and Marion. Love needs some time to develop!
  • I removed Mutt’s and Irina’s sword fight.
  • I removed every “Tarzan” scene. Mutt gets stuck in the ropes. A few scenes later he sees the cars chasing each other and swings from the tree into Irina’s car. You can hear some apes in the trees but you don’t see them.

I didn’t change the exaggerated waterfall scenes. First I wanted our heroes to fall only one time, but after watching the scene, it didn’t work for me. It always seemed as if something was missing. Even though it still seems to be a little too much, I did not change this scene.

  • but again, I had to remove some “babe” and “honey” flirts between Indy and Marion. Their love still needs some time to develop!

Crystal Skull Temple:
I did many cuts and changes here, so I will only write down important ones:

  • The crystal skeleton doesn’t move it’s fingers when it’s head is put on it’s corpse.
  • I removed every UFO-scene. The place is still turning, but there is no futuristic roof.
  • As I had to remove the futuristic UFO roof, I didn’t have any movie scenes in which the russian soldiers die. So I had to insert some death screams, to make the impression that they were all dying.
  • I removed every alien, there are only crystal skulls and they don’t change their appearance.
  • I removed the original music and added a modified version of John Williams’ “Temple Ruins and the Secret Revealed” to coordinate all the changes and cuts.
  • In the scenes in which Irina is killed, I had to heavily zoom into the picture to remove the alien next to her. There is some reduced quality which is notable. But these scenes only last a few seconds, so I hope they don’t stand out too much.

Outside the Temple:

  • I removed the whole UFO flying away. Instead, the whole area is being flooded and the temple is destroyed.
  • I removed the original music and added a modified version of John Williams’ “The Departure”.

There are for sure many more little changes, but these were the significant ones!

Final Version & Format:

The final runtime for the movie is 111 minutes (105 min without end credits).

1080p High Quality MKV (21,0gb)
Video: H.264 at 25-30mbps VBR
Audio: 5.1 DTS, 5.1 Dolby Digital, Stereo
Extra: Chapter markers

My English isn’t the best around, so I don’t have any Subtitle-Files. If anyone is able to make them, I will include them in a future release.
Feel free to tell me about any mistakes, I will take a look and try to improve.


The arrangement of this cover and the text is based on a cover created by Darren Harrison on Pinterest. It is available for free. I changed the whole front-side and added some information on the back-side.

If you OWN the original movie in at least HD-Quality, PM me for a link!

MMP (ManiacMovieProductions)

The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)

YellowYoda said:

So that was…woah.

As usual with TLJ edits, Canto bight is not missed at all which leaves a lot of Kelly Tran on the cutting room floor. But this particular edit incorporates the use of Rose’s & Paige’s medallion that they wear ( I can’t remember if it’s name is referenced in the original besides that its made of a particular gold ). And even if it’s not explicitly said that they’re related (Since most edits cut this out), you get a sense that they are and what sacrifice Rose is willing to make in that final battle.

Rey’s training, using that score and the cut work in this edit is phenomenal, Luke is still a bit uptight and down in the dumps, he’s still scared of Rey’s potential, but he does train her, in this edit it just feels so smooth. I could’ve cut the whole ‘Rey actually reaches out and Luke smacks her’, but maybe thats just me. and sad to see the X-Wing didn’t appear in this edit as far as I could tell. (Also this seems like the best not throwing away the lightsaber edit I’ve seen)

Holdo is still Holdo, there’s not a lot you can do with her if you want the whole Poe vs Holdo gone, I enjoyed what you did. She’s regarded as an Admiral that wins battles, and she sacrifices herself to win this battle. (I was watching with a friend, and he said that since you kept Leia and Ackbar alive the whole movie, this could have been an edit where Ackbar does the self-sacrifice, there’s several good edits of it floating around. I found this amusing)

Re-scoring Luke vs Kylo, and keeping the saber green was just great. It fits in really well, and doesn’t get the audience too confused as to why his lightsaber is suddenly blue, while in the flashback(s) it was green.

Overall this is a stellar edit, everything that isn’t needed from the film is just left out. We don’t need Canto Bight, Poe vs Holdo, Lukes routine, Rose’s poor choice of words (Sorry Kelly Train). And everything we want is right there for us to enjoy. This is as close to loving TLJ as i’ll get, thank you.

Thank you very much for your review!

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

Cinefy said:

Anyone know the best way to edit red force lighting, recolouring attempts don’t seem to be a good option.
Concept by Skywalker Arts.

In canon and legends, red force lightning is It’s most powerful state and we’re supposed to believe Palpatine is his most powerful and we already know this is an ability he can use but weirdly he doesn’t use it when he’s supposed to be at his strongest.

I like the idea, but I think it’s not easy to do. ImmersionVFX changed lightsaber colours in TLJ, so maybe he is able to do such a thing.

The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)

madmanasunder said:

I just wanted to say this edit is a testament to the power of music.

I think this song perfectly encapsulates what the average viewer wanted to feel seeing Luke back on the silver screen (bravo to Samuel for the arrangement). It captures it so perfectly that it can even overpower the true context of the moments around it. I’m generally a fan of fan edits that re-score scenes, but this is one my personal favorite re-scored scenes I’ve seen (the training). I think how you moved the “day in the life” to part of this training sequence doesn’t “feel” like it should work on paper, but it came together so nicely.

I like your whole take, honestly, but I had to specifically comment how such a seemingly small change made such an impact to my viewing.

Also, I hadn’t seen that deleted scene before. I can’t believe they took it out. It really helps give a little more weight to Luke’s arc that was chosen for this movie. I’ve always claimed that I wasn’t against the creative direction of Luke… just the execution. There needed to be a lot more substance to his conflict for me to buy into it. This small scene doesn’t “fix” that but him going out of his way to demonstrate his current change in belief via example gives it just that extra bit of oomph.

You showed both of the scenes you updated the music on, I just had to let you know that, for me, they both land in context as well!

Thank you! I’m really happy, that you like the way I included the new music. And I think the same way about Luke. His story in TLJ isn’t bad, but they did a poor job telling it. I can’t understand why they cut this important scene (and left in so many other stupid ones). It gave me a better understanding of Luke’s behaviour and how he thinks about the (outdated) Jedi.

The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)

Solemn.Philosopher said:

This looks intriguing. Is the edit complete?

Did you cut the sillier moments from the Porgs and Caretakers? Most edits cut one or both of them out entirely. I think they are fine as background characters, as long as their sillier moments are cut. It appears to be the case in your training edit (where the rock usually hits the Caretakers Cart).

The edit is finished, yes!
And yes, I did cut the sillier moments from both.
The caretakers appear in two scenes. First when Rey shoots the hole. You can’t cut this scene if you want to implement the deleted scene, because Luke introduces them here. The second time is in the deleted scene (caretakers village), which is an important scene for the movie I think. They work good as background characters and I don’t think they are too silly in these scenes.
The porgs are in 2-3 scenes. Maybe I could have removed more, but I like them…and my girlfriend loves them, so I would get some difficulties if I would have cut too much 😉 If you want to watch it yourself, just PM me.

The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)



First of all, I want to introduce myself. Hello everybody! As English is not my mother tongue, there will be mistakes and I apologize for this!
The first time I heard about fan-edits was on Youtube. I was disappointed about the theatrical cut of the Last Jedi and found a user named Ivan Ortega who claimed he would fix the whole movie. There was a little hype around his project, but in the end I didn’t like his final cut and overall behaviour. Plus the community around that project being very toxic, childish and misogynist, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.
But I got interested in fan-edits, and that’s the positive side about it. This is how I found this forum and I was blown away the quality of the edits and the community! I love this place. My favorite editors are Hal 9000, Poppasketti, L8WRTR, DonKamillo, DigMod & TheFallenKnight (Clark Zuckerberg, even though I don’t know if he is here in this forum, cause I found his edits on reddit).
I watched many of these edits and found my favorite versions of Star Wars 1-7, Solo & Rogue One. The only problem I had in the end: I still didn’t like the Last Jedi. Most of the edits either removed too much or not enough for me.
So I took the decision to take the (in my opinion) best versions of The Last Jedi and “reforge” them to a cut that I would like.
I never wanted to publish my version, but then I thought that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to watch these edits when their creators would have thought the same way. I want to give something back to the community, so here it is…

This is my first fan-edit, so there certainly will be weak spots. I have some basics knowledge of cutting a movie as I produced some mountainbike (amateur) movies a few years ago, but this project was on a whole other level. As Software I used Vegas Pro. I know there are better Programs around, but I am used to it and don’t want to learn everything again.
The biggest problem I had was with sourround-editing. I didn’t have any experience with that so I think there’s quite much room for improvement.

Important notes:

This edit is based on the fan-edits realized by Poppasketti (based on Hal 9000’s edit), DonKamillo & TheFallenKnight. So all the praise for their ideas and cuts belongs to them! It was too extensive to include everyone involved in these projects and I don’t even know everyone involved, so please take a look at these edits in the forums.

Prior Changes:

  • There is no Canto Bight sub-plot. I feel sorry for Kelly Marie Tran as it’s not her fault, but this whole segment just doesn’t work for me and makes everyone involved look stupid in the end.
  • No Canto Bight means less Finn and no DJ, Phasma & Maz. I don’t really miss these three, but Finn’s reduced screen time bugs me the most.
  • Luke doesn’t throw away his Lightsaber, he gives it back (idea by DonKamillo).
  • There is no daily routine of Luke on Ahch To. No milking, etc. The removed material is later used in another context (Reys training scene).
  • I included the epic trailer music of Rise of Skywalker as main “Luke & Rey Theme” (the music was made by Samuel Kim, find him on Youtube, awesome music!).
  • Leia doesn’t die (taken from TheFallenKnight-edit).
  • General Hux is not/less silly.
  • Poe and Holdo don’t have any dispute.
  • Caretakers are in this edit (2 scenes). I think they are funny and the deleted scene is important for the plot (Lukes third lesson?).
  • Porgs are in this edit (2-3 scenes). I think they are funny as well.
  • Rose appears in the end as a side character. No love story, no saving Finn. They both are hit by a cannon (idea by Poppasketti/Hal).
  • Luke’s Lightsaber in the final battle is green (Effects by ImmersionVFX)
  • No broom ending (taken from TheFallenknight-edit).
  • I included most Palpatine teases from Poppasketti’s edit.

Detailed changes:


  • I used a disclaimer similar to this of Hal 9000 because most of my favorite edits are realized by him and I wanted continuity.


  • Cut Poe/Hux Joke (taken from TheFallenKnight-edit).
  • Bomber scene: Trimmed the time Paige takes to catch the remote (it still seems to take forever).

Ahch To:

  • Luke already holds the Lightsaber in his hands and gives it back to Rey (idea by DonKamillo, audio by Poppasketti/Hal). I had to cut the scene in which Rey walks towards Luke. I used material from a documentary about Skellig Michael instead.
  • Rey doesn’t translate what Chewie is saying (taken from DonKamillo-Edit)
  • Added “Luke mourning Han” deleted scene
  • Luke isn’t milking, fishing & acting silly. After leaving his house, he climbs up the hill. Rey attempts to follow him, but is “called” by the Jedi Tree.
  • In the Jedi-Tree: removed Reys line “I saw your daily routine” (as she didn’t in my edit).


  • Leia doesn’t die. Kylo doesn’t pull the trigger & the Tie Fighters fly by. No explosion. Leia is alive the whole movie.

Ahch To:

  • The Caretakers appear the first time after Rey shoots a hole into the cabin.

Reys Training (made many changes here):

  • I used the trailer music (RoS) to make Reys training scene more epic (music made by Samuel Kim).
  • Luke doesn’t go away after Rey has destroyed the rock. Instead he watches her and she walks towards him.
  • I used the removed footage from Luke’s daily routine scenes. Now you see Luke and Rey wandering around the Island. This includes the fishing scene. It’s left in the eye of the beholder if he really trains her or if she just follows him.
  • the “training segment” ends with Rey standing under the Falcon. She seems to be happy.
  • After the force connection scene between Rey & Kylo, Rey walks into the Falcon and talks to Chewie. I had to mirror one scene here.


  • Admiral Holdo is introduced. I removed the “Leia is unconscious” part. Instead it’s just a motivational speech.

Ahch To:

  • After lesson two I inserted the deleted Caretakers village scene. I think, this scene has an important message and can be seen as Luke’s never released third lesson.
  • When Luke is standing near sleeping Kylo he doesn’t hold a Lightsaber. Instead he only uses it to defend himself (taken from DonKamillo-edit).
  • Directly after Rey is leaving the Island, Luke wants to burn down the Jedi Tree (idea by TheFallenKnight). In many cuts this scene comes later, but I think it makes Luke’s behaviour more understandable if it’s used immediately.

Snoke’s Ship:

  • Many edits took out the close up of Snoke’s Body. I kept it because I liked Hux’ reaction.


  • Cut the Finn & Rose arriving scene.
  • Rose is first seen in the bunker.
  • I took Poppasketti’s version for the battle-scenes here, cause his cut worked best for me here (Rose not saving Finn, instead both are shot by walkers).
  • Cut Hux getting beaten by Kylo.

Fight between Luke and Kylo:

  • I used another version of Samuel Kim’s music to make Rey’s appearance more epic.
  • I moved some scenes of the resistance in the tunnels to fit the music.
  • Trimmed some other scenes for a better fit.


  • Cut the broom kid. Instead the end credits appear after the scenes on the Falcon (Taken from TheFallenKnight-edit).
  • Trimmed the end-credits-music and
  • Inserted full length version of Samuel Kim’s music in the end credits.

There are for sure many more little changes, but these were the significant ones.

Special Thanks:

As I already mentioned, special thanks go to:
Hal 9000, Poppasketti, TheFallenKnight, DonKamillo, Samuel Kim, ImmersionVFX
and everyone involved in their projects!

Final Version & Format:

The final runtime for the movie is 113 minutes (105 min without end credits).

1080p High Quality MKV (20,3gb)
Video: H.264 at 23-30mbps VBR
Audio: 5.1 DTS, 5.1 Dolby Digital, Stereo
Extra: Chapter markers

As I’ve already mentioned, my English isn’t the best around, so I don’t have any Subtitle-Files. If anyone is able to make them, I will include them in a future release.
Feel free to tell me about any mistakes, I will take a look and try to improve.

Examples of changed music:

Reys training:
Final battle:


The arrangement of this cover and the text are based on a cover created by ForceGhostRecon. As I like continuity, it has the same backside as Hal9000’s Episode VII (and hopefully Episode IX).

Greetings and may the force be with you!

MMP (ManiacMovieProductions)

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

I hope you get enough money for a new/old Computer. I wrote you a PM as well. I was a lurker for a long time here but now it’s time to stand up! Let’s save this project!

And just a little bit off topic: In this thread someone made the suggestion to include the RoS-Trailer-Music in this cut. It didn’t work in TRoS but I was able to include it in my TLJ cut.
Here are some samples:
Reys training:
Final battle:

Now back to topic and support Hal guys!