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Original Theatrical Version - Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (!)

Lum said:

I’d like a theatrical Mewtwo Strikes Back fansub. Pretty sure I used to own the raw Japanese VHS.
Having enjoyed the 4Kids run of Pokemon since early on, I’ve ignored the original script far too long…


It’s the result of a long time of work. It’s based on Rakudaniku’s Kanzenban subs, but edited by taking into account other translations of the script I’ve seen and knowledge of English grammar, so the whole thing actually makes sense and gets the ideas it was trying to convey across the best.

Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition

pittrek said:

ST2112 said:

Hi. I just became aware of this thread and wondered if anyone found good quality copies of the entire run of the airings. I found my videotapes and may have all of them, which were recorded on a VHS Hi-Fi VCR, with a flying erase head in SP mode and look good. I would have to catalogue them more fully to confirm that all the segments are intact. Are there still people interested in seeing them? I also have copies of ABC’s version of The Wrath of Khan in terrific quality taped off-air onto SuperBeta and the original theatrical version of The Undiscovered Country on VHS. Thanks.

Oh God YES, I would sTILL love to see good quality copies of the Sci-Fi channel versions, if nothing else then at least the interview bits. Could you post some screenshots from your ABC version of Khan? “Some” version has appeared online, but still, if your version looks better there is still way for improvements. Was the theatrical version of TUC released on VHS? I thought only the first “director’s cut” god a LD/VHS release.

Seconded. Always good to hve more preservations.

What is your personal canon?

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

Rouge One, VIII, and IX are among my favorites too.

Haha, even though they’re not out yet, I consider them canon because they’re placement fits better than, say, the Han Solo movie might.

Also, a spinoff about Han Solo’s origins seems more spinoff-ish to me than, say, a spinoff about a girl and her band of teammate’s quest to steal the Death Star plans.

What is your personal canon?

What things do you personally consider to be part of the Star Wars story that you would be willing to watch? Here’s mine:

  1. The Cloak of Deception (9000 Series)
  2. The Approaching Storm (9000 Series)
  3. Clone Wars (Genndy Tartakovsky’s Series)
  4. The Labyrinth of Evil (9000 Series)
  5. The Force Unleashed
  6. Rogue One
  7. Star Wars (Despecialized Edition)
  8. The Empire Strikes Back (Despecialized Edition)
  9. Return of the Jedi (Despecialized Edition)
  10. The Force Awakens
  11. Episode VIII
  12. Episode IX

As of right now, everything else is non-canon as far as I’m concerned. (My opinions might change, though, after I’ve watched what I haven’t watched yet.) I don’t care what Disney says. What about you?