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Hi. I too am exploring options to watch Star Wars. Not an enthusiast by any stretch, but the edits and their reception need no introduction.

Other than that my varied interests include Nintendo, Rumiko Takahashi, superheroes, mecha (or occasionally Mega Man-style robots), etc.

Info: Discussion on <strong>80's cartoons</strong> on DVD....bad aliasing (jaggies)!

Buster D said:

Watched a couple The Transformers (season 2) episodes on the Shout Factory DVDs for the first time in a long while, and while I definitely noticed the aliasing, to me it was only noticeable in maybe 3-5% of each ep, mostly during certain pan shots.

Maybe all that’s needed is to do some minor filtering on the frames where the aliasing is noticeable? I have very little experience with AVIsynth or encoding video, so I couldn’t do this myself.

I didn’t check the Shout Factory DVDs on my PC, but I seem to remember the Rhino DVDs being progressively encoded (for the most part) when I watched them on my PC back in the day, so perhaps they were improperly deinterlaced before encoding, and the Shout Factory DVDs carried over the deinterlacing artifacts? I’ve personally seen a lot of anime DVDs like this in Japan from Toei (mostly 70’s super robot anime), where the episodes were progressive but had bad jaggies during pan shots.

The fact that the episodes were remastered from film makes them more than watchable compared to most US cartoon DVDs IMO, but a proper Blu-ray release would certainly be welcome. Although I seem to remember reading that the producer -(forget his name even though I regularly read the Shout Factory forums back in the day) in charge of animation at Shout Factory hates Blu-ray for whatever reason, not sure if he’s still working there or not.

But I assume if Rhino could remaster all the episodes from film elements for their DVD release, then the film should at least still be available for a new scan, although there still might be a need to have some sequences inserted from the broadcast masters, like the Shout Factory DVDs, since the film that Rhino used was apparently from before certain animation mistakes were fixed for broadcast.

But sheesh, can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the Shout Factory DVDs, and like 20 since the Rhino DVDs… Freaking time, man.

I feel ya. The prospects of my favorite shows getting better treatment in the US is slim.
The DVDs for TMNT (1987) and Urusei Yatsura, to name a few, pale next to releases in other countries.