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Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Release Details and Updates)

alexp120 said:

I just uploaded on M/S a torrent containing a batch of audio files copied from Harmy’s DE 2.0 of Empire MKV that have been edited-down to synch with Renegade Grindhouse ESB: Blu Ray Compatible ISO—meaning, for each audio stream from Empire DE, I have trimmed the length of the audio to match the length of the Renegade Grindhouse Empire video of the release print scan and the edited audio is in synchronization with that video. You will not hear any audio anomalies of the edits-clicks, pops, etc.

For now, I’ve upload 8 audio files. The description of the files are as follows:

TRACK 1) 5.1 DTS-HD-MA [English] (1980 mix) (Yes, true 5.1 channel audio, not down mixed stereo)
TRACK 2) 2.0 DTS-HD-MA [English] (1980 mix)
TRACK 3) 1.0 DTS-HD-MA [English] (1980 16mm mono mix)
TRACK 4) 2.0 Dolby Digital [English] (1993 Laserdisc mix)
TRACK 5) 2.0 Dolby Digital [German] (1980 dub)
TRACK 6) 2.0 Dolby Digital [French] (1980 dub)
And for one of our members, Leoj… 😃
TRACK 7) 2.0 Dolby Digital [Spanish] (1980 Castilian dub)
TRACK 8) 1.0 Dolby Digital [Spanish] (1980 American Spanish dub)


It is possible to upload it somewhere else for those who have not a ms account?