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Info Wanted: 2011 vs 2019 blu rays

Nien Nunb said:

Luke45 said:

Anyone know if this 2019 18 disc Blu-ray set has the new scans with the color correction?

I own this set. It is 100% without a doubt the same versions that appear on Disney+, minus the 4k and DNR of course. These are NOT the same oversaturated, black crushed and blown out versions that appeared on Blu-ray in 2011. All 9 films have the current black Lucasfilm logo wich first appeared in front of The Force Awakens.

I didn’t care enough about the 4k to shell out for that mega set at Best buy, but I had some Christmas money and Amazon credit to blow and $90 didn’t seem terrible for this so I got it just so I could have the newest transfers and be rid of that 2011 mess. $10 a film isn’t too bad for Disney. Even at 1080p, these blow the 2011 discs out of the water.

These aren’t perfect by any means, but the flaws are far more tolerable to me than the wretched looking 2011 masters with cartoon like color timing.

Thank you so much. So just to verify, no pink blasts??

Cannot Deal with Blu-rays

Just wanted to get some stuff off my chest. In 2011 I canceled my Blu-ray order after I found out about the changes, most notable Darth Vader’s “nooooo”. For years I kept my 1997 Special Edition VHS tapes as I actually enjoyed them quite a bit. Unlike most OT die hards, I feel like the picture/color restoration throughout those films really make it more enjoyable than watching the original unaltered films to be honest. Sure some of the changes (Han shooting first) irk me, but nothing made me give up completely until Vader’s “noooo” inserted into the most iconic scene of the OT. At first I thought it was a joke, but when I saw it was for real, I was disgusted. Lastly, regarding the 97 special editions, I was a big fan of the newer song at the end of Jedi over nub hub.

Moving on, my VCR finally made its way in the trash as I literally had no use for it anymore aside from those three videos. I went ahead and took the blu-rays out from my local library and watched them for the first time hoping that I could somehow deal with them and eventually drop the cash and just add them to my collection. But, it would not be…

From the off looking color at certain points that they definitely didn’t get 100% right, to the magenta/pink gun fire, to of course, to Greedo missing at point blank range, to of course, Vaders noooo, its just not going to happen for me. Perhaps the worst scene of all though IMO is Jabba in Episode IV. Never liked the addition to this scene. Not just bc of the ‘mystery’ factor of Jabba not appearing until ROTJ, but my lord does that CGI Jabba look awful and out of place. When Han steps over his tail I literally had to stop myself from turning the film off right there. Han also repeats “Do you think I had a choice?” line again just like he did to Greedo 3 minutes earlier. It’s bad.

Anyway, my main question is does anyone know anything about the rare “Star Wars Five Star Collection” DVD’s that were released in Japan in 2001? Apparently these were the special edition films on DVD. Rarely, they come up on ebay. If anyone has any info about the picture quality and anything else, it would be greatly appreciated.