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Will there be TLJ, SOLO, TROS 4k covers that match the rest of the movies?

I don’t have a use for full cover art. All my DVD’s and Blu-ray’s are stored for playback in Sony BDP-CX7000ES 400-disc Blu-ray players. All my retail packaging gets put in storage. That being said, I do use the front and back portions of cover art with my cataloging software. Worked up a 4K front cover image for TROS the other day as I wanted something that matched the other 4K releases. Just needs a spine and back portion. See below.

I used the 4K front cover image from TESB as a starting point for the above. Removed the title treatment and artwork from within the framing, then adding new title treatment and artwork. Placed a gradient at the top of the framing which extends down just below the title treatment, black to transparent. To finish things off I added edge violations to the left and right sides as all the other 4K releases have them. Turned out pretty sweet I think.

And actually, I’ve got 4K front cover images for Solo and TLJ as well. Both were sourced from the DVD/Blu-ray releases. The source image for Solo wasn’t as large as I would have liked. Thankfully the quality didn’t suffer much when resizing.

In any event, perhaps some will find the above useful. Again, they just need spines and back portions. Enjoy!

Phildesfr's Blu-Ray Complete Set

phildesfr said:

HarveyPlissken1138 said:

They all look wonderful. Is there any chance you can do a version of the despecialized editions with the poster art being reversed? I’d love to see TESB with this artwork on the cover:

Hello HarveyPlissken,

sorry to answer so late, but I eventually took some time to work out and issue a set of 3 variations of the Trilogy blu-ray cover featuring Tom Jung’s posters, here they are :

The editable and printable PDFs have been added to my shared folder:!E1tVHZ4B!Jbegfsr8CGPvHKBZUX-yaw


I don’t print cover art, but do use the front and back portions with my cataloging software. Every once in a while I like to change things up. Just downloaded these the other day. Figured I’d register on the forums here so I could say thanks. Nice work!