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well... in greedo's defense... i think the whole star wars universe has no concept of what is and is not a "good shot."

the storm troopers couldn't hit the broad side of anything, yet obi-wan claims that the blast marks on the sand crawler were too accurate for sand people and could only be made by imperial storm troopers (who, as stated before, are consistantly really bad shots).

in the star wars universe, no body can hit anything. except han solo at point blank range.
A scary thought!
oh my.. i'd be wet for days if Critereon picked it up. they'd give it the transfer it deserves and the extras we want.
that would never ever happen. lucas doesn't just give stuff to people he *knows* are better than him. he delegates to people he *thinks* are below him. lucky for us, lucas thinks very highly of himself.
Star Wars T.V. 2006! Kevin Smith wanted?
well, he knows his shit backwards and forwards.
plus, he *does* do incredible character developement. look at chasing amy. it is a brilliant film. yeah, there are fart jokes, etc., but that was the style of that trilogy (of five+ movies). chasing amy shows, however, that he can write compelling, serious dialog. that movie has made a lot of people cry (in a good way).

i think he could do it pretty well.

i just think that it would tank on TV. it would last maybe six episodes.
if she's really not into the movies (or thinks she wont be), maybe the PT *is* a good place to start. they're more "user friendly", right?
but if she likes a good story (and not to stereotype), as many gals do, she'll take to star wars because it's gripping and compelling.

i'd do it like this (if possible)...

(all pre-SE)

(both magfan's)

then when she's fully hooked, show her the special editions of the OT, then the lucas versions of I & II.
if she still has any desire at all to see the lucas version of III (after being subjected to a flogging by lucas's I & II), take her out to see it in may.
if she is just sick to her stomach from so much modern lucas crap, apply several treatments of OT and maybe magfan once again... and then wait for the edit of III to come out.

this should work.
The intelligence of SW Fan boys....
the storm trooper thing is easy though. look how the military changes its uniforms almost constantly.

i'd like to know why the ships in the PT are better and just "cooler" than the ships in the "OT". was the PT supposed to take place in the 50's and the OT in the 70's? I guess that could explain it. the 50's had some cool looking cars. the 70's had.. well the pinto and the gremlin.
MagnoliaFan Edits - "Balance" and "Clone War" (Released)
"I don't actually remember cutting a Jango scene with two blasters...
Where was that again?"

i thought it was during the fight between obi-won and jango... i thought so anyway... maybe i either missed it or am just making shit up...

"FYI, I intended to keep the girl line originally, but the head movements on Obi-Wan don't match between shots. It causes a huge jump, like Han's dodge when Greedo shoots first."

that's a shame, but it doesn't take away from the scene if it's not there. just adds a bit of a chuckle.

oh and let me say again that i really like the angle you took on the trade federation. very fascist and just evil. i love how brazen they are.. "go and kill his children." my jaw dropped. well done.

"Also, the yellow saber is going to look MUCH better in the near future."

so are you going to keep working on these forever? like a super-extra-special edition of Episode II: The Clone War? sounds like someone else we know

please let us know when you're ready to put out a final release on either of them. i'm very interested in your work. i only with i had the ability to do this.

this is just FUN.
MagnoliaFan Edits - "Balance" and "Clone War" (Released)

the conversation between anakin and qui-gon *is* really important. and i'm glad you didn't cut it. you're right.

i just finished watching the clone war (attack of the clones magnoliafan style). i REALLY REALLY like the added scenes of padme's family. it made her seem human. i was sorry to see the shot of jango fett using two blasters cut. i understand why you did it, but i always thought it was pretty bad ass. and i was also sorry to see obi-won's girl joke was cut. again, i understand.. but it was a bit of humor that GL didn't totally barf all over. unlike the "i'm quite beside myself" line, which did make the cut (though i'd gladly give you my first born in thanks for cutting "oh this is such a drag." thank you. endlessly.

and for one, i LOVE the yellow sabre. bravo.

and the sound bite at the end, after the credits.
MagnoliaFan Edits - "Balance" and "Clone War" (Released)
the download version that i got is an avi file (divx xvid i don't know) of pretty bad quality. i wouldn't bother burning this to anything. watch it on a very small screen on your computer.

THEN go find someone who will send you it on DVD. the quality is pretty good (4.7 GB), the sound is 5.1 and the content is a breath of fresh air.

i watched "balance" last night and i am very cool with all of the fixes (except where qui-gon inexplicably takes anakin's blood to test it for infections, i just don't get that part [the whole metaclorians crap was thankfully removed.. as was the will of the force mumbo jumbo]).

i'll be watching Clone War tonight.

on that note, my girlfriend works on saturdays, and i usually treat that day as a day to bum around and watch movies. she asked me whic movies i was going to watch today and i said that i would be watching the new star wars re-edits that i got. and then she said (and i'm NOT making this up), "aww, i wanted to watch those too. i want to see what he did with them!" she wasn't a star wars fan before, and i certainly don't push it on people... i've got a *good* feeling about this...
when did you see SW first...
I was exactly two in 1977. It was in an old theater (probably mono soundtrack). I can hardly remember it. My parents were young (25 and 21ish), so they were into it too. I had no idea what we were going to see, but it was my first movie, so I didn't care much.

However, in the middle of the movie (I think during the cantina scene), I choked on a piece of hard candy. Being young parents and having your only child choking and unable to make things work like they should, they freaked out, took me to the lobby, held me upside down over a heating vent and beat on my back. Eventually, I threw up and the piece of candy escaped my throat's clutches.

They were reasonably paniced and just wanted to go home. While I was choking, I put up a pretty big tantrum... but not as big as the one I put up when they wanted to leave the theater. I was hooked. Stuck on Star Wars like the piece of whatever was stuck in my throat.

God, I love this movie.
Does this make sense?
i always thought the emperor wanted luke to "strike him down" so that he could grow stronger.. like obi-won.

i guess i never really got that more powerful after you die thing. or is that only for the good guys? i'm sure this is explained to death in the EU.

maybe it could be read a few different ways. like any piece of art.

poor GL is taking the art out of the films.