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Need help color grading a scene.

FreezingTNT2 said:

Just export the original version of the scene (you know what I mean), download a different video-editing software that has more features, and put the scene into said software before editing and exporting it.

Yeah i tried that. Even installed better plug ins. The scene has a bad blue tint to it but when I turn down the blue tint Obi ends up with a yellow lightsaber.

EPISODE VI, Better Boba Fett

This is a very rough edit. The sound mix needs to be redone. Just looking for feedback. I greatly trimmed Boba Fett’s scene in ROJ to make him feel as if he is reacting quicker. In the original he just stands there to let Luke his gun in half then lays about while Han and Chewie talk to Lando. Sadly his screen time now is just a few seconds but I feel it helps the pacing and makes Boba look a little more competent. Thoughts.
password: fanedit

<strong>Welcome to the</strong>; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within...

Hi guys new to this forums but not to Star Wars fan edits. I watched several and made several of my own. My favorite OT edits are Adywan’s Revisited and favorite PT edits are Hal 9000’s edits. I am currently working on a Ep 4 edit and could use help color correction one scene if anyone would be willing to help. Also if anyone play X-wing miniatures an has the U-wing expansion (the blue one) I could your help. I need a picture of the model from a specific angle. I have found a real model looks much better than a 3D one In this movie since all the models were real to begin with. looking forward to talking shop with y’all.