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The original Latin American Spanish dubbings

team_negative1 said:

Along with our English language preview of Reel 1, we are hoping to include the Spanish Stereo track with it also.

Team Negative1

Yeah! Thank you, Team Negative1.

I have a question. The Han-Greedo scene in english will be patched with the other source in spanish? CatBus did a wonderful job replacing the english part a few months ago.

The Audio Preservation Thread

PDB said:

jonlstevenson said:

Hi there, 

I've heard the remixed 5.1 of American Werewolf is significantly different to the original mono mix. Does anyone know where I can download this audio ? Or could someone point me in the right direction. 

I work in Audio post production and a lot of work goes into getting everything right for the director prior to release. Would like to get the way Landis wanted it to sound in 1981, not what a mastering house guy thinks works in 2014.

Yours, originally

Well the widescreen laserdisc has the original mono:

Someone around might have it but there are no rips at the moment.

 Does anyone know if the mono mix has been preserved?

The original Latin American Spanish dubbings

One thing I have noticed is that in the first source, when Leia and Luke escape from the troopers and close the door, you can hear the english and spanish language at the same time (1:25:30 and 1:25:45). But in your new sync with the Team negative1 reels, this doesn't happen.

In the Empire Strike Back happen the same in some parts with the Spanish dubbing.