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Rogue One - Rescored

zoidar said:

Mink2301 said:

Hi there!

I’m currently working on a Rescore for Rogue One as I thought the music didn’t do the film justice at all. Nothing against Giacchino but I think the score just ended up being too “Disney” and not really adding much on a emotional level.
So I’m cutting together new tracks out of existing scores and if the 5.1. mix has no or little music in the center channel, it should be relatively easy to put it in.

Would you guys be interested in a version with a different score?

Go for it. Cant wait
You have my 500% support! Rogue One score was too Star Warsy for a film that dared to divert from the usual Star Wars formula. It also had loud booming music for scenes that didn’t need music at all like in some fight scenes (Rogue One would’ve been more immersive that way) I cannot wait. Hope this rescore is more subtle and more akin to Alexandre Desplat and Johann Johannsson’s stuff.

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit

marduk666 said:

Hey Digmod, I’m sure I suggesed this already, but the shadows of the Empire Main theme goes soooooooooo F’N good with the opening scene, I had put this theme to an early copy with one of JackPumpkinHeads crawls, and it flowed so well, I fell in love with it. I re-pourposed it to go with your crawl intro. did it real quick, ain’t got much time this weekend so it could defintetly be tweeked to work better but this gets the idea across. I hope you watch it. has a nice peacefull intro, then just enough Imperial march to let you know this guy is an agent of the empire, like everyone wouldn’t know already. Hope you like it.!MWZn0RJB!PP5TXCfJu_KhsXboex72aur1F8rfYK-RGJroYlIRT08

Beautiful opening Marduk666

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

ysamjo said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

I appreciate all the feedback!

Watched it, overall very good! My detailed feedback:

  • It works surprisingly good to cut the whole of Episode II. It’s easier to be only in two timelines. Have you considered turning the short sequences taken from Phantom Menace to flashbacks?
  • Loved that Darth Maul has some added depth, thanks to the Fanfilm-Footage
  • Focusing on Anakin works for me
  • New Voice-Over when Vader awakes is better than the original
  • In comparison to other 3-to-1 edits, you had Grievous instead of Dooku as the villain. This works, but we loose a (imho) important scene for Anakins character development (when he kills Dooku).
  • The political conflict right at the start needs more explanation. Why are they fighting?
  • We don’t see how Yoda escapes the Order 66. At first I thought this was because you didn’t want all scenes where Yoda uses a lightsaber (a position I can relate to). But then you show him fighting Palpatine.
Clone Wars Movie Series

smudger9 said:

hansolo8004 said:

Whatever happened to this?  Anything?  I’ve been looking everywhere and it’s not uploaded yet.

I haven’t watched the Clone Wars because of the childish aspect to it, so really looking forward to this!

It’s now available. The download files will be up on on Monday. If you cant wait that long PM me your email and I’ll send you the file for JDownloader.

Alternatively there is a streamable version on vimeo. Password is my username.

Smudger9,I would be so grateful if tou could email links of ant full movie SW edits youve created

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (RELEASED!)

poppasketti said:

EddieDean said:

I’d also love a link!

PM sen

Hal 9000 said:

Congratulations! You deserve it. Glad you were able to get an edit you are happy with, since that’s the most important thing. 😃

Thanks so much, Hal! I appreciate all of your help and, of course, your fantastic work on the Legendary edit!

Could i please have a link tp the movie please

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut <strong>(SPOILERS)</strong>

darthrush said:

Alright guys, I don’t want to keep people hanging. This edit is real close to being done. The rest of August I am finishing up some things, but the edit, along with my Force Awakens edit, will all be released sometime in September.

Please can i have links to both TLJ and TFA full movie edits please darthrush. Im so excited and your a genius from what little ive seen of your work