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CGI and Digital or Real models and actors-whats your prefferance.?
Hi ricarleite,
Thanks for the post.
If i can remember i think Jedi was applied with digital techniques at the end of the films battle sequence.
I can remember a program on the tv when the film was at the cinema showing how they did it.
The point where many tie fighters are flying into the screen and the actor says"theres to many of them".
Also i think the action sequences where desighned on computer with the flight paths of the space craft being constructed in wire frame etc.


CGI and Digital or Real models and actors-whats your prefferance.?
Hi Spider,
Great post.
I agree with you 100%.
CGI has a hard time when creating 3 dimenshional items.They look paper thin and have no mass.

Like the post said 2001 was such a good movie,I believed i was in space when watching it.

Look at Empire when the At At are attacking hoth,They have both weight,structure,movement and tone.
If done in CGI Empire would be a tottaly different film.

Jedi was good beacuse CGi was used aswell as model kits.

Terminator 2 was a good film i think beacuse CGI was used with live actors and sparingly.

The phantom menace had me in disbelief when i saw it at the movies,Also clone wars.
I think that if a film has a concrete story line and good acting then CGI is not so important.
Its intresting how technology in film making has changed since the first Star wars movie,Sets and props dont seem to be the order of the day.
I always like models and sets beacuse they have a very true to life and "hands on" approach,look at Battlestar Galactica,
The ships in this series looked awsome,Done in CGI they would move too fast and look flat.
If you look at CGi in the clone wars there are not many sceens when the action is slow and CGI is applied.This is beacuse CGI is no good at slow motion beacuse the human brain can detect it from reality.

I am not entirely looking forward to seeing the next Star wars film,CGI will play a big part no doubt and gone will be the true approach.

[i]Laserdisc[/i] Stop Light?

"It makes no sense, as the sound on a CD is digital information. If the laser can't read it, then it uses some bit correction algorithm such as CRC to "guess" what was missing. If it still can't read, it "skips" that part. A CD will never sound "better" or "worse" depending on "laser reflexion", it either sounds the better possible, or it dosen't play at all. "

Yes the sound of a cd is in the digital domain but when the laser is hitting the surface there is relection and the error correction cuircuitry plays its part.
By lowering this you make the player have a much easier time and error correction etc is therefore not needed and laser direction is much more exact and not prone to wow and flutter.
It all depends on your system and tastes in hi fi.
There are so many factors that can be applied to modding cd players the main ones being in the power supply,Output cappacitors,Copper shielding,Vibration control and unteen other things.

I did hear a difference on my system.
[i]Laserdisc[/i] Stop Light?
I am a keen audio enthusiast and also have soem hi end audio equipment and elite laserdisk player.

I know the exact item in question.
I have tried the Green pen technique and it does work but dependent on your system and observation.

To an enthusiast there is change in the sound and some in the picture.
To a person not used to modding i would say that they wouldnt realise much change.

I have tried many mods to both Ld and Cd players.

I had some cds frozen and they sounded very good.

One good mod is to use blue tack underneath the LD player so it is stable on a platform etc.
Just 4 blobs of blue tack on the feet can make a huge difference.

In theory the green pen should refract any red laser thats bouncing of the cd surface as the laser hits it.
Red being opposite on the colour wheel to green,or so the theory goes.
Laserdisk players also make great cd transports as the mechanisms are overly engineered for smaller disks.

Also removing the transformer out of most hi fi and externally using it will improve matters.

CGI and Digital or Real models and actors-whats your prefferance.?
Hi All.
Having read the threads on the site today i thought i would intrest you in the subject of CGI digital anaimation.
Do you prefer Digital CGi or an old world aproach.

I do like CGI when its done correctly and in moderation.
The latest Star wars films have far to much of Digital i believe.

The hardest thing to create is nature itself and even in space i think this rule applys.
The Weight,Motion,fluidity and structure of an object is somewhat shadowed with CGI.

Look at the extra parts in Empire when the Falcon is landing,It looks far too flat.

I was dreadding the thought of too much CGI before the new films came out,the look and movement of the early techniques are hard to beat.
CGI moves to fast.

Look at the latest Van helsing movie,The wearewolf has lost its appeal beacuse the CGI is overly done.

If i was remaking the Star wars saga i would have reverted back to the original techniques used for the very first film.
Gone are the digital technologys and i would even use old analouge film and props,Its the only way.

Just my thoughts.

"This little ones not worth it,Now let me get you something"....
Stupidest Prequal complaints
Hi Lazysean.
I agree with you,
He was too young for the adult audience that waited many years for the phantom menace.
I was like at the cinemas and watching the end when i heard this young kid say"UH OH" when destroying a starship.
I thought i had walked into the wrong movie?????

Why didnt Lucas play more on the actual"phantom" in Phantom menace.
When you think about it there was no menace.

Sceens in the mos eisley space bar could have been played,Where the sith is battling it out in the bar and displaying his full combat skills.

More enphasis could have been played on the use of the force itself,The film starts ass if it is half way through the trilogy?
Also more hand to hand combat,We have already been witness to incredable effects in the other films so why not have tried to come up with a new concept and more solid storyline.

Info Wanted: Chewbacca glove puppet - strange rare item.
Thanks for the replys to my question.
Much apreshiated.
I will get soem pics and try and get them on the site.
Or i will keep them on my hard drive for sending over the internet.

The item is deffinatly produced by kenner and is a full ofishial product.
The badge is still intact witht he star wars logo.
Apparantly the factory were it was produced was not open very long and they had to be recalled i think.

Will be back asap.

Thanks to all,
Info Wanted: Chewbacca glove puppet - strange rare item.

Hi all,
I have a star wars item which is rare.
I was wondering if you may help me please.

The item in question was made by kenner in a USA factory.
Apparentky the factory only stayed open for a short period and only a few where ever made.

The only kind of info i could find was on the pc disk"behind the majick cd rom".

The item in question is a Star wars CHEWBACCA GLOVE PUPPET.
It still has the kenner badge on it and has been in storage.

Hope some one can help me,

Why not use superbitmap mastering on the dvds.
Why not use supermitmap mastering on the forth coming DVDs.
It has twice the bit ratio of normal dvd and would look very good.

On the subject i am very eager to see how the Star wars Trilogy will transfer onto DVD.
I still think the laserdisk vershions will be unbetable.
I know the Laserdisk technology is now considerd old hat but if you look closely at a good LD pressing it has non of the Jpeg artifacts or compreshion that dvd has.

The sound also on LD is top notch.
The "perceived picture depth"will also be an issue.
With this i mean that DVD seems to have stark and bold contrast levels,the blacks are jet black and the whites are super white,In between there is very little else.

On LD the depth of image and filmic presentation are never a problem.
I am not giving up on DVD beacuse i think it does and will have some advantages when the Trilogy are released.
One of them will be NEON LIGHTS like on the space ships and fazor fire from guns.
I did try taping the films from dijital satelite airings.
The results where intresting,Storm troopers outfits seem to be very good and vivid.

The first Star wars film from the seventies does have a very odd colour pallet,I guess that if it where made too clear all the tone and colour scale of the original master could be lost?

Here in the Uk the mastering process is redicolously inferior to NTSC,It was the same with Laserdisk.
Pal pressings are very fatiguing,We may have more lines of resolution but the pressings are dreadfull compared to NTSC.

Thanks all.