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Idea: Avengers - Infinity War & Endgame 5.5 hour Supercut (Editors Needed!)

The idea is to join Avengers Infinity War and Endgame together, adding in all the deleted scenes, and scenes from other joining movies , arranging them all chronological order to create a 5.5 hour super cut

What To Use:
Original movies (obviously), Thor Ragnarok mid credit scene, AM&TW mid credit scene, and Captain Marvel mid credit scene. For deleted scenes I’ve only selected the most completed ones, even if the CGI isn’t the greatest

Title and title card:
I was hoping to come up with a new title and make title cards to go with them but I have nothing so I’d love someone to do this

What I need:
I have very little knowledge in this stuff so I’m looking for someone who’s able to do all the editing for me. I have a very rough cut of what I wanna do but my editing and knowledge is horrible, but it’ll make a great guide

I really hope someone is willing to jump on board for this, I have most the deleted scenes in HD to make this happen

Scene Order and Changes:
Thor Ragnarok Mid- Credit Scene
New title card with new name
Avengers Infinity War
Deleted Scene - Happy Knows Best
Back to IW - until Gamora sends Guardians message
Deleted Scene - The Guardians Get Their Grove Back (second half, Guardians on ship only)
Infinity War - until Steve says “oh god” after the snap
Endgame beginning scene - Hawkeyes family gets dusted
Antman & The Wasp mid credit scene - quantan tunnel
Infinity War end credit scene - Fury gets dusted
Infinity War - Thanos looking over sunset
Cutting out Infinity War credits
Captain Marvel mid credit scene - “Where’s Fury?”
Cutting out all title cards
Endgame - from after title card until “Who do we talk to about this?”
Deleted Scene - Goji Berries
Endgame - Tonys house scene onwards until “bigger than his?”
Deleted Scene - Hulk saves people from burning building
Endgame - meeting Smart Hulk until “I’m not ready for this”
Deleted Scene - Time suit prep
Endgame - from “I’ll do it” until “I’d like a bloody mary”
Deleted scene - Bombs on board
Endgame - back to movie until “shut the front door”
Deleted scene - Suckiest army in the galaxy
Endgame - back to movie until Asgard into
Deleted scene - You Used to Frickin’ Live Here
Endgame - back to main movie until Steve sees Peggy
Deleted scene - Tony and Howard
Endgame - back to movie until Tony snaps
Deleted scene - Tony at the way station
Endgame - main movie until Pepper kisses Tony
Delete scene - Avengers take a knee
Endgame - main movie until “move it or lose it rat bag”
Deleted scene - Thor tries to kiss Valkyrie
Endgame - remainder of movie

Empire Strikes Back - Two 1980 Theatrical Cuts?

So I was reading wikipedia and discovered this

“1980: In May, The Empire Strikes Back was theatrically released.[2] After its initial opening, but before its wide release, George Lucas extended the end sequence.[4] A 70 mm print of the film differed from the more widely distributed 35 mm print in takes of dialogue, visual and sound effects, shot choices, and transitions between shots;[5] none of these changes appeared in later releases, with exception of one dialogue change.[6]”

I can’t seem to find any other information about the 2 different versions so I was wondering if anyone had a list or if someone knows where I can find the preservations for each version?