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Removing Names of Actors/Crew/Producers Present During Show

For single frames in photoshop it is possible with content-aware-fill
I just tried it and (depending on the source material) it works great:

However if you did it to all the frames of the scene it apparently wouldn’t look that good because there would be inconsistencies between the frames

For video I have seen attempts to blur it out. Mostly for blurrying the logos of tv-channels and so on. This works somewhat but the corners in the place where the logo would have been mostly look a bit warped

But I guess this blurrying is your only option for now (besides cropping)

Apparently adobe is planning to bring some kind of content-aware fill for video to after effects (called project cloak) but I believe that is not available yet

Proper upscaling

The video is about an expensive HDMI cable that can improve image quality while upscaling.

The improvements are visible, but for something like Star Wars upscaling it’s pretty useless.
The various algorithms the processor in the cable is using are not exclusive to it (Anti Aliasing, etc.) . Also the cable is limited in what it can do because it has to do all these things “live” while not adding any noticeable input lag.

So all of this (and much more) can be done in the editing process as well.
Basically GOUT Upscales like Project Blu should already be much much better than anything this cable can do.