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FFS. I've had a WS TV since 2001 and I'm taking delivery of my HD Plasma on monday. Who under the age of 60 uses a 4:3 tv anymore? Hereabouts, almost no-one.

I hope they'll make 'em anamorphic for PAL, anything else will be met with bafflement from almost all sources - I don't think there's been a major release that's been non-anamorphic in at least three years here.
ANH Space Battle aka The Battle of Yavin
/is with the Klingon too

The old has character. Also, CGI is extremely easy to spot when not done VERY well (Jurassic Park has still to be bettered for making the CGI be part of the "world", I think, though War of the Worlds has some really nice sets too). This ruins the suspension of disbelief for at least me instantaneously. It's nice that Rontos walk the streets of ME, but when I can tell its CGI from a mile away due to uneven movement, weird colours and that intangible "it's there"-thing, I'd rather do without. They (the Rontos. And of course Jabba) were a bloody disgrace, though weren't they? four full YEARS post-Jurassic Park and ILM burp something like that up...
Why Leia remembers Padme but Luke doesn't
There is one other thing I feel should be brought up, especially for those of you who do not want to accept the "force connection".

What about pictures? As in photos, holosgrams, whatever? Leia would constantly be aware that she was an a dopted child, at least from her early teens and on ('cos the Organa's are black, see? Genetics still holds even in the PT). It would only make sense for her parents to prepare her a bit for it, maybe by showing her images and telling her about her real mother - they would obviously keep schtum about her father, due to him being the person who hunts down and kills Jedi all over the galaxy. Anyway, I dunno about all of you, but when it comes to my earliest recollections, I have a hard time knowing what I actually remember and what has been told to me afterwards, later on in my childhood.

Cannot Leia's recollection simply be explained with the fact that her parents had access to imagery of Padmé and knew her well to want Leia to know her? Owen and Beru never met the real parents, are most likely quite intimidated by the situation. They would not want to complicate things by telling Luke stories of a royal past and thus make up the stories about a less glorious father, possibly with some input from Obi-Wan.

Of course, this bring us to another plothole... How the heck didn't someone in the Imperial camp notice that Leia (who obviously isn't the biological daughter of the Organas) looks a wee bit like her mum and dad while she runs around the senate, whipping up support for the Alliance? She's not the kind of politician you don't notice, at least not as far as we know.
Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
I am finding my self very interested in the Magnoliafan edits - I could only bear seeing TPM twice, and AotC once, as they were... I've just now downloaded the original trilogy LD rips (I have two VHS versions of these movies and will probably end up purchasing the new DVD release anyway, so I reckon I can allow myself that transgression. . Anyway, watching those made me fall in love with the films all over again, for the umpteenth time. I crave more!

Therefore, any info on torrents would be greatly appreciated - I live in Sweden, and am loath to bother Rikter with the hassle of sending DVDs here and sending him money, etc. :/

It'd be a lot easier if it could be made available as a torrent for all involved, I think.