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Highlander: original US theatrical version - to preserve (Released)

Well, I can 100% confirm that the version of Highlander that airs on Hollywood Suite is the U.S. theatrical cut, in all its truncated glory.

It opens on the 20th Century Fox logo. The colour timing resembles the 2010 Blu-ray closest, the print itself is delightfully grainy and shows some dirt but not terribly distracting. The wrestling match B-roll is there, Bedsoe spills his coffee like a dumbass, we don’t see WWII. The original animation is used for the Final Quickening but things get VERY soft and scratchy (which may explain the overhaul in the Director’s Cut).
And finally, the end credits use the original white capitalised font but we don’t get to hear “A Kind of Magic” fade out, instead it cuts to commercial.

I can capture the audio track, but not the high def image yet. I have a DVD recorder but no capture card for HD footage.

EDIT: Added a sample -

Blade Runner Versions?

I’ll try to be brief but to anyone new, here are the broad differences in a nutshell:

  • The Workprint:
    Shown to test audiences in 70mm. Lacks the narration, happy ending, unicorn dream and most of Vangelis’s score. Lots of alternate takes (some used by The Final Cut); a curiosity piece.

  • The Theatrical Cut:
    Shown to U.S. audiences in the cinema in June 1982. Uses a voiceover narration and happy ending.

  • The International Cut:
    Shown to international audiences, this was also the version released to home video and ended up in The Criterion Collection. Near identical to the U.S. Theatrical Cut, but adds additional shots of violence.

  • The Director’s Cut:
    Released theatrically and later released on home video. The first version to be released on DVD in 1997 and the only one until December of 2007. The first version to removes the voiceover narration and happy ending and adds the unicorn, but uses the U.S. Theatrical Cut as a base, meaning no additional violence.

  • The Final Cut:
    Released on DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVD in 2007. Removes the narration and happy ending, uses the additional violence from The International Cut, extends the unicorn dream sequence, uses alternate dialogue and additional shots, fixes continuity errors and erases wires with CG. Uses remixed 6-track high def audio and radically different colour timing compared to the previous versions.

And that’s just what’s commercially available from Warner Home Video. The CBS Broadcast Version and The San Diego Sneak Preview are so obscure, I doubt I’ll ever see them.

So if you find Blade Runner out in the wild, chances are it’ll be The Final Cut, but don’t let that be the end-all-be-all. No version is perfect, which is why fan-edits are so popular with this movie. The Collector’s Edition basically lets you construct your own personal Favourite Cut.

Worst Blu-ray transfers thread

So has anybody mentioned Moontrap from 1989 with Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell?

Good LORD. That’s the worst Blu-ray transfer ever right there. Terrible picture quality dipping into VHS at times with pale blacks and no detail (which would be bad enough it weren’t cropped from 4:3 to 16:9… and it is). And unlike some of Anchor Bay’s output, this release doesn’t even have the courtesy of giving us a decent audio track to make up for the picture quality. Its audio track poorly defined with muddled music, sound effects and speech.