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Worst Edit Ideas

Anakin Starkiller said:

Yes, it is. I don’t have anything wrong with Ahsoka in general, I just think her popularity has spiralled out of control and is disproportional to how great she actually is. It’s like how PrequelMemes worships Obi-Wan.

Also, she should’ve died on Malachor. Her existing past RotJ as Ahsoka the White feels contrived and fanservicey.

I also get mad when people like things that I don’t! idk what’s their problem liking things that I necessarily dislike or like.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]

Woooo just finished watching and that was great hollly ill give a quick synopsis of my thoughts

First of all i’ve watched alot of ep 3 fan edits and I have to say this edit has the only likeable version of Anakin, when I say likeable I mean goddamn A tier, this Anakin acts and feels the same way as his Clone wars version. This actually adds a really nice character arc to Anakin, from a immature, whiny teenager in ep 2 to a functioning, mature and compassionate adult. If you watch TCW as well Anakin damn near turns out to e a phenomenal character with a great character arc. This works because you added dialogue and banter in the battle over corrousant very nice even tho some of the banter feels a bit unnatural and is hard to hear.

Obiwan mentioning Ahsoka felt very natural and GREAT job on that.

Grievous expecting anakin?? A nice change that adds parallels with Ahsoka and Maul.

You captured Anakin and Obi’s relationship perfectly, they just never shut up xD which is very accurate, great job on both departments. One minor personal qualm I have with this is that when their about to have their Duel on Mustafar, you removed most of Anakin’s lines with Obiwan (which were pretty hostile) and instead replaced them with more neutral lines, personally for me them fighting straight after this exchange is quite unbelievable. I’ve always thought that Anakin’s exchange with obi wan on Mustafar works perfectly fine albeit its very cheesy.
Speaking about Mustafar great job on handling Padme and Anakin actually explains why he would choke her now.

Most if not all of transitions felt natural.

The only thing I was dis satisfied with was the color grade it just doesn’t feel like star wars and it doesn’t look appealing too, mind you this is my only major complaint with this edit (the others were just minor fluff)

Great Job on this. This has officially replaced Hal’s LOE for me
Send me link once it’s available in 1080