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-= Anti Cheese Edits =-

ImperialFighter said:

KINGBING117 said:

Is it just me or does every link or post you look at when searching for the Anti-Cheese edits lead to outdated posts or have links to now taken down videos? I’m giving up here

Well KINGBING117, you happen to be in luck (if you happen to still be around here to read this, that is), as I’m willing to point you and anyone else in the direction to current HD versions of all 3 of them. Just PM me a short polite request, and have patience for me to reply with details when I get a moment over the next few days.

Ah thanks very much man, I seem to have a PM from some other dude who has privded my a direction to follow (I’ve already replied with my thanks but if you read this - Thanks again). Im currently downloading them so im not sure how good they will be, but i imagine they will be fine.
Thanks for your help everyone, there is hope afterall.

Prequels: The anti-cheese edits

Apologies if this is somewhat common knowledge around here, but where in the ever loving f*** can i get my hands on the Anti-cheese edits of the prequels, does anybody know? Do you have to relentlessly search torrent sites or are they readily available to those who know the right people?

For context, my GF is getting into movies and we are slowly going through all the major films and franchises, Star Wars is important to me and i’m trying to show her how simple tweaks (Like removing the Gungans accents and replacing them with alien languages that are subtitled), can make a huge difference on your perception of movies.

If anybody knows how to get a copy (Dude, i will stright up pay for the anti-cheese edits specifically), it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction.