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Star Wars Behind The Magic DVD
If anyone would like to give me the cd or torrent it to me or something, I too would be interested in trying this out for two reasons.
Firstly it may help me acquire some much needed knowledge in the realm of DVDs for when I try to edit these official Star Wars DVDs.
Secondly it'd go great as a project on my website (which is being relaunched soon),
Help Wanted: Editing DVD's
In regards to the audio problem, you could try getting the music from another source, like a soundtrack cd and lay it down, then put the changed dialogue over the top. It's just a thought, I actually have never edited anything before (although I am going to try when I mess around with these official Star Wars DVDs).
I also don't know much about editing software, but I think a fairly professional one is Adobe Director.
Next generation bootlegs
Hmmm, this is going to be just as hard as I imagined then.
Oh well, it's still probably worth a shot, and the audio will be more edited then the video so thats a good thing.
The only thing now is to hope that Laserman does a good job cleaning up the video. If not, then I guess it might have to be a choice between horrible small drops in quality, or horrible big scene changes.
Next generation bootlegs
I was thinking (and I'm sure some other people may have thought this already), would it be possible to recreate the original theatrical versions from the new dvds?
Some parts would be easy, like removing the Jabba and Han scene from ANH, others may be harder.
The biggest problem would be parts where new scenes would be removed and original scenes would need to be inserted, like han and greedo in the cantina. Sure you could just cut in maybe 1 second of film at the bit where the actual shot takes place, but would the difference in quality make it look horrible when you do this? Also on the lines of quality you'd probably need to redub the stromtrooper's and bobba's voices with the 5.1 soundtrack from the anamorphic dvds.

Now I'm not very good at editing myself so I could be way off on this, but if it's possible with decent results then we can have all the benefits of the cleaned up video, sound and effects without the horrible changes.


I was just thinking maybe I could actually do this myself.
After the official DVDs come out maybe I will buy them, to do this. There's still the problem with parts of lower quality standing out however, and I haven't yet seen the quality of the bootleg dvds (however I hope to soon), so I'm not sure how pronounced it will be.

The main idea I'm having is to make a sort of hybrid between the 3 different versions. Basically keep the cleaned up picture and sound quality, and the better effects (like CG ships and improved lightsabers), but remove the horrible changes like Han shooting first and the Han and Jabba scene.
However I think I'll keep some things from the SE, like the new wampa scene.
A definite change would be when R2 is eaten on Dagobah, Luke says "You're lucky you don't taste very good", which I think is better than in the SE where he says "You're lucky to get out of there."
Info Wanted: Different bootleg versions

I’m in the market for some OT Star Wars DVDs, so I have a few questions.

Firstly, how big are the differences between the anamorphic and the TR47 versions? I know that the TR47 version supposedly has better image and sound quality, but is the difference between the two versions that pronounced?

Secondly, is this talk about a dual layer version being made combining the best aspects of both versions still just talk, or is progress being made? If they’re being made now then I may just have to hold off and wait for a little longer.

Thirdly, where can I get my hands on a set of these (without having to download)? Also does my living in Australia pose any problems?

Thanks heaps everyone.

Hello everyone
Hey, I'm new here. Just letting you guys know.
I'm on loan from the Star Wars board over at Gamefaqs.
I signed the petition maybe 2 years ago, and now I have been drawn back by all this talk about bootlegs, which I've been looking for since the news that the theatrical release of Star Wars wasn't coming out on DVD.

Well that's about it, see you all around.