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'Kiki's Delivery Service' - DJMasturbeats version (1998 Disney English dub) (Released)

Which dub are you looking for? There are a few:

Original Japanse dub
Steamline English dub
Disney 1998 dub
Disney 2010 dub

The streamline one can be found with the tag [REVO] online, the Disney 1998 dub is found on the first DVD release in the US (2003) and the VHS release (1998). The Disney 2010 dub is found on anything newer than that. The original Japanese dub can be found on any DVD or Blu-Ray release.

I am personally looking for a copy of the 1998 dub, but with the Blu-Ray quality.

'Kiki's Delivery Service' - DJMasturbeats version (1998 Disney English dub) (Released)

So, I recently bought the Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray set on amazon only to realize that 2010 DVD/Blu-Ray release changed a bit of the dubbing from the original 1998 VHS and 2003 DVD release. In the original dub, they added some music, replaced some songs, and added some dialog where there was some. The 2010+ release cut back a lot of that including one line of dialog that changed the tone of the ending of the movie. I personally liked the 1998 dub better, and it also holds more nostalgic value for me.

I looked online and while I found one link of someone that looked like they’d made a 1080p cut of it here:

There is no donwload link, or any idea of where to get it. I tried googling for a few days, and finally took my Blu-Ray and DVD copies and tried to splice them, but the timing slowly unsyncs over the course of the movie. I tried doing the best I could with Audacity trying to fix the timing by comparing timing side by side, but the work I did produced sub par results at best.

Is there somewhere I am missing that has a copy of the 1998 English Disney dub of this? Thanks in advance.


Mod Edit: please read through the thread - and note this post by Charles Threepio - for info on an available release of Kiki’s Delivery Service.