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Chefelf's Nitpicker's guide to Star Wars
I'm probably too late to this site to be posting websites like this but I would like to know what you think of Chefelf's website. I get a kick out of reading his reasons to hate AOTC and ROTS stuff. Also his SE ratings stuff is pretty amusing.

I don't know who this Chefelf guy is but apparently he is in the wikipedia so I'll look him up.

I also like this guys opinions on ROTJ.

50 Reasons Why "Jedi" Sucks
It seems like nobody involved in the making of the OT has spoken up about GL’s oppression of the OOT.
Originally posted by: zombie84
I just don't think they care. Mark Hammil has always been very dedicated to the franchise and genuinely loves it, so he has always been sardonic towards it but i think that he doesn't really care enough to publicly diss an old friend like Lucas. Kurtz is pretty distant now and he has spoken out against Lucas more than once, but beyond these examples i really don't think Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford gives a shit if Hayden Christenson is partying with Ewoks in ROTJ. The real people who must be totally pissed the fuck off is the SFX people like Denis Muren who have had their revolutionary work obliterated, but they have to remain silent because they are still employed by Lucasfilm/ILM and depend on Lucas for their livelihood!

What work did Denis Muren do?

Most of the original effects are still there they have just been manicured and digitized by Lucas in the '04 SE. But like when Lucas adds a ring around the explosion of the Death Star or Alderan then I can seee them taking offense to that. I just think there should be laws that if after a movie is realesed in theaters and the producer wants to make changes to it. Some or all of the people involved in the project should have to agree to it before the producer has the right to change and or add something and not release the theatrical version for retail sale.
It seems like nobody involved in the making of the OT has spoken up about GL’s oppression of the OOT.

The only person I know of who has spoken up about their thoughts of GL’s changes to the OT and his oppressive behavior is Mark Hamill and even he kept his thoughts pretty vague. I’m outraged by the fact that it seems like everyone involved with the OT has not given a hoot about what GL has done to the OT and his disrespect to the OOT fans. Especially Irvin Kershner. ESB is really his film. I don’t know if Irvin had any rights to ESB but it sure seems like he should have. GL was only the producer of that film and I don’t know how all the rights work but all this mayhem with GL SE only nonsense should teach us a lesson to have stricter rights in the future for people to change movies.

I watched the “Empire of Dreams” documentary and it sounds like GL was really picky and difficult to work with because he was very demanding yet couldn’t or wouldn’t articulate what he wanted. He should have been keeping a positive mantra around the crew working on the film instead of complaining that nothing was good enough. What boggles my mind is that GL wasn’t satisfied with anything yet it is considered to be the greatest film of all time by many and ranked very high in most top movie list. Yet with his terrible CGI additives and stupid changes the films are finally his way yet the other stuff wasn’t good enough? It’s agreed by most that his CGI is inferior to the original sets and costumes used. If the stuff that was presented in the theaters in 1977 wasn’t good enough for GL then how can he consider the new CGI Jabba the Hut in ANH and the almost identical dialog Han has with him as Greedo acceptable? Or how about the all the establishing shots of… nevermind.

But I would just like to say I notice a lot of you people argue about GL having rights and stuff to do whatever he wants but his changes don’t deserve any respect because most of them are horrible! If they were actually good changes like adding a medal to Chewy at the ending ceremony in ANH or using models and sets instead of CGI for establishing shots and stuff then I think a lot of people wouldn’t mind the SE as much. And I would like to know if a lot of the people involved in the making of Star Wars have spoken up about their thoughts of the SE and such or do none of them care?