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What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

Obviously other parts of forum are more active, but that "sweeping generalization" is the joke; Instead of actually discussing the topic's subject matter, we've got people in here pointing out typos for their own amusement.

I'm quite familiar with the forum, as I've been a lurker for a long time, but I don't really know what relevance that has.

What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

RicOlie_2 said:

Jodo Kast said:

RicOlie_2 said: Are you a sock puppet, by any chance? ;)

 I'm afraid I have no idea what this is implying, but I'm gonna have to say no. =D

 No, was making a lame joke about you for using "every fabric of my being" rather than "every fibre...."

For all I know, the former is an actual thing, but I've never encountered anyone even partially made out of fabric before.

  OH, so we're just nitpicking about obvious typos. Got it.

Jesus, is it really that dead around here?

Do you think Disney will release the unaltered versions for DVD and blue ray?

I forgot to mention that there are obviously some who would like to see the '97 versions of the SE available in HD, and who aren't satisfied with the changes done to the BD/digital releases (hell, even I wouldn't mind that), but I seriously doubt Disney would ever go as far to make 'hybrid' versions of the SEs (keeping the updated CGI from the BD versions, but removing some of the more 'offensive' stuff seen in the DVD and BD releases). So really, those select few will be impossible to please, because the odds of that happening are a hell of a lot lower than us getting the GOUT on a modern home video format.

Do you think Disney will release the unaltered versions for DVD and blue ray?

crissrudd4554 said:

 A rerelease of OOT is only gonna be met with open arms by the fans who want it but anger SE edition fans

You think so? Do people that ridiculous actually exist?

It's like people who are against gay marriage. Even if it was passed in every state, it wouldn't effect THEIR ability to get married to someone of the opposite sex, so why do people care so much? (Not the most apt comparison, but you know what I'm getting at) You still have the option, just like SE apologists can still watch their 1080p transfers of the SE 3.0 (or 2.5, or whatever), anytime. Their "preferred" version already exists on what is currently the best home video format, but apparently the GOUT would somehow 'challenge' that? I really hope these people don't exist in large numbers, because that borders heavily on irrational 'nerd rage'.

The kind of people who "love" the SE probably don't even notice that the films are further changed anytime it hits a new format. To them, "it's Star Wars on BD, and that's all I care about".

The SE's are available on Blu-ray AND as digital downloads. They aren't going anywhere, so if Disney announced tomorrow that the GOUT was finally getting a high def home video release, the detractors wouldn't be able to cry foul unless it meant the SE's would no longer be available.

What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone here on the most intrusive changes (Greedo shooting first, Hayden's ghost, Vader's "NOOOO" in ROTJ, Boba Fett's voice change, Jawas on Rondos)

What I liked/didn't mind:

 Star Wars

-improved matte lines
-new Sandcrawler shots
-Landspeeder underside
-extended Sandtroopers on Dewbacks scene
-improved cell block perspective
-tractor beams
-Ben's hut
-"Open the blast doors!" being reinstated
-Biggs scene on Yavin IV
-air traffic of Mos Eisley, Falcon take off
-improved Vader lightsaber color when hanger doors are closing
-approach to the Death Star
-Death Star explosion (pretty unnecessary though)
-ugly stand-ins at the ending celebration replaced

Didn't like: (other than the obvious)

-I use to not mind the Jabba scene when I first saw it in '97, but in retrospect, it's pointless, and the CGI Jabba looks awful in all three iterations of the SE.. Would be great as an unaltered deleted scenes via extras, but having it in the film serves no purpose.
-Replacing the wolf aliens in the Cantina. 
-The CGI robots, Rontos, and other CG creatures added into Mos Eisley. The Ronto walking directly past the screen when Ben and Luke arrive, as well as the Jawa falling off of one, are grossly out of place, and all around terrible.

The Empire Strikes Back


-suitmation Wampa (Not needed, but not completely out of place)
-improved mattes in Snowspeeder cockpits
-Falcon's approach to Cloud City
-Cloud City windows (though I can't recall if I prefer the '97 or '04 versions)

There were other small changes done in '97 that I didn't mind, but I wouldn't say I "liked" them. (Vader's extended landing, and the people of Bespin reacting to Lando's announcement, for example). I still much prefer the straight and to the point "bring my shuttle".


-Boba Fett's voice change. I hate this with every fabric of my being. I understand why it was done, but it takes me out of the movie every time. 
-Ian McDiarmid's hologram. Sounds like a good idea on paper, but the execution left a lot to be desired, and the change in dialogue was beyond unnecessary.
-Luke's scream. Like somebody else said, why would he scream if he jumped voluntarily? It's so dumb, and really quite distracting.

Return of the Jedi


Actually nothing, really. I didn't mind Oola's extended scene, or the herd of Banthas, though


-New song at Jabba's palace. Not only does it remove most of the practical effect shots that were originally there, it's garish, and completely alters the mood of the scene. The extra shots of Boba Fett were pointless, and the CG Sy looks horrendous. It's a mess.
-CG Sarlacc. Completely unnecessary.
-Darth Vader's "NOOO" inserted into the 2011 version. Absolutely horrendous change, and IMO, one of the worst changes in any version of the SE's.
-Ghost Hayden. Arguably, one of the worst changes made to any of the movies, and on par with being as bad as Greedo shooting first (if not just as bad).
-Replacement of Yub Nub. Yeah, I know it wasn't great to begin with, and I don't mind the new song that much, but it just wasn't necessary.
-Removing Anakin's eyebrows. 

I'm lukewarm on the expanded ending celebration. It's just kind of there.