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First Impressions of the OOT ...
I have been counting down to this day since may, It has been about 120 days and this day is finally here! I do wish that lucas would

restore the unaletered versions,but these versions from the remastered thx versions of the 90's still look so good on dvd compared to

the old vhs! I bought three sets. One for my brother and two for me.I bought the best buy tin set and a set from circiut city that came

with three nice lithographs. They even gave me a little poster. I went to alot of different stores to see if there was anything offered with

the films and best buy and circuit city had the best. The only thing I was disappointed about is I wanted them in full and

widescreen.Sometimes I have trouble seeing things so I like the fullscreen too. I wrote to star wars . com and they told me that the

unaltered trilogy second disc would be available in both formats. I guess they were wrong. I doubt that will matter to most pepole but

since they told me it would be available I was disappointed. I know alot of you are mad at lucas for dumping these on the second disc

and not restoring them especially since these are the films that started it all and are history. I agree with you, but since I will not watch

the special editions and have to worry about ruining my vhs tapes this release means alot to me. I can finally watch my favorite movies on

dvd. I tried to get laserdiscs and copy them but they had so many dropout specks they didn't look nearly as good as these dvd's do. It is

a shame We have had to spend so much money on this but these movies have meant so much to me since childhood I am willing to do it.

Some pepole don't want to give lucas anymore money but unfortunatly money talks and maybe if these sell well he will change his mind

someday about restoring them. At least this is helping to preserve our favorite films. I will be enjoing these! I have waited so many years

for these dvd's!
what dialogue tracks?
I'm so happy about the september release I can't wait. No matter what I'm glad they will be on dvd! I'm just wondering about the different dialogue. I like it better when in ESB luke says to R2 you're lucky you don't taste very good instead of you were lucky to get out of that. The line in ROTJ when lando is worried about Han shooting has different versions as well. What versions do you think will be on the dvds?

laserdisc quality
In the past couple months I tried to convert my star wars vhs to dvd and of course they did'nt look so good. Every one is always talking about the laserdiscs so I decided to try and obtain a player and some discs. The first player I ordered from E-bay came completly demolished and even though it was insured the post office won't refund our money. The second one came okay but has already stoped switching from side a to side b. The worst though is the problem I've had with the discs. I've spent alot of money on one set of the CLV Thx discs and they had white specks on a good portion of the the film.I heard they are called dropout.The second set I bought, though not as bad still have alot. I know some one who has an ld player and I tried them on theirs and they did the same thing but the guy I ordered them from says he watched them before he sent them and they didn't do that. The laserdiscs look so much better than the vhs but the specks are really distracting. I don't know if this is just what lds do or I'm having interference or something. If anyone could give me any advice I would really appreciate it. Also is it better to copy them to dvd via computer or dvd recorder and what are the best brand of recordable dvd's. I'm not that great with computers but my dad is and he helped me do the vhs transfer using an adaptec videoh video converter kit.We used memorex dual layer discs so we would'nt have to lose any quality shrinking them, but some of the discs stoped during the burning process and we had to start over. I would really like to copy the lds especially since I'm out so much money so if any one could give me any advice about the laser quality. Is it impossible to get a speck free disc? The player I got Is a CLD-52. IF anyone could help me with this I would really be grateful.

real star wars fans
I love original! I finally had to join, even though i'm not that good with computer stuff. There is just no where else you can get information on the fight to save the original trilogy without the lucas spin! I didn't like the 97' changes and I am just speechless to read here about the new changes! I wasn't going to buy the dvd's because I knew that they were the SE but since I've read here about the new changes,there is no way I'd buy them ever! I guess I'll have to wait till I can afford a dvd recorder to try to copy my vhs on to a dvd.I never bought the laser discs because my dad who is more up on tehcnology told me way back then those are a waste of money because if you just wait they will have the technology to put them on cds and they will be more practical. Of course he was right but how could I know back then that george lucas was going to take leave of his senses and ruin my favorite movies forever! I wish he would have never made the prequels! I don't hate the pequels, there are things I like about them,but i would't be unhappy if you could turn back time and erase them .There was such a long gap inbetween that i wondered if he was ever going to make the preqels.That was okay by me because I had this dread that if he did make them somehow they might ruin the originals. I was sad to find out i was right! I can't believe that anyone over the age of ten who was a real,true star wars fan could like these changes.One of the worst part of the pt is some of the actlng and to taint the originals with any hint of the pt like putting hayden in rotj is just unbelievable! I don't believe if you truly loved the originals that you grew up memorizing every line,scene and note of music,you would except these horrendous changes, or any changes! In other words to me you have never been a real star wars fan if you can except or defend these changes!