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Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???

I'm fine with how the edit goes in ANH R but I would prefer Obi-Wan not vanishing in slow motion but I completely understand why Adywan did that to help fit all the music. Also adding music without a choir would have been great as that would help fit with the rest of the score. If you are watching the films 1-6 then battle of the heroes being there is perfect IMO.

J. Williams &amp; LSO, The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK <em>AUDIOPHILE EDITION</em> - Restored &amp; Remastered Score (Released)

I've gotten to listen to good amount of this and wow amazing work! I didn't think Empire could sound any better after your releases but wow this ones the best by far. I love how clear the sound is. The brass sounds are just fantastic. They are really rich. As a Horn player I love the rich sound of the horn throughout. The strings also have a good rich sound throughout. Also a major thing i've really enjoyed is how clear the background parts are and i've taken notice to parts of the score that i haven't before which I love because I've heard the Empire score so many times. Thank you for your wonderful work on this. It has been a joy to listen to.

Info &amp; Ideas: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

DuTwan said:

fishmanlee said:

EyeShotFirst said:

fishmanlee said:

jedi rocks couldnt have been more stupid had it been this:

I actually liked the Anything Goes part of Temple of Doom. It was the 1930's after all. Things were like that buddy.

 didnt say that it was bad that it just made that even stupider (if there is such a word)

 Fishmanlee did you comment yourself on youtube? jedimasterfisher? fishmanlee? smells very fishy to me. If you did comment yourself that makes you 100% troll. At the moment your about 98%! Just one more crude crappy sound edited youtube video to finish yourself off.

um i'm JediMasterFisher and i'm my own person thank you very much and I happened to enjoy watching his idea in that video!