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FINALLY watching the GOUT Trilogy properly

screams in the void said:

Jedi Ttalp said:

LordZerome1080 said:

While this does solve the anamorphic problem it doesn’t solve the motion blur but at least it looks nice when played in a Blu Ray player.

True but that was never a major issue for me just like i don’t mind the scratches and dirt on the Grindhouse versions though they do annoy most of my friends for some reason.

^I am in agreement here …the movies I saw in 77,80,and 83 had some scratches and grain on them and were not in HD in the theatre

The Despecialized Editions are Astonishing and I’m thrilled to have them and will get the 3.0 versions when they’re available but i will always prefer the 35mm Preservations

FINALLY watching the GOUT Trilogy properly

How stupid am I as I was put off watching the GOUT Trilogy which I’ve owned for 12yrs because it was a small image in the middle of my TV screen. So I sought out the many other far superior OT versions i have now as I discovered them. But thanks to finding a custom zoom feature i didn’t know TVs had i can now happily watch the GOUT versions the way I’d always want to see them.

Info Wanted: 80s tv version of the Original Trilogy - different dialogue track?

ChainsawAsh said:

You’re probably thinking of the mono mix for Star Wars, which was used on some TV broadcasts in the early 80s. It’s been restored by the community and is available as an optional audio track on several projects, such as Harmy’s Despecialized and 4K77.

Thank you i never thought of that must’ve been having a senior moment

Restoring the wondrously disastrous <strong>Star Wars Holiday Special</strong> (Released)

Sishyo512 said:

Fans of Star Wars know of the low budget flop known as The Star Wars Holiday Special and recognize it for it’s heavy impact on Star Wars culture. There exists many low resolution captures of the TV film, but at this point there exist no film reels, upscales, cleanups, or any format that is fit for average flatscreen TV viewing- if you are willing to indulge into the film, that is.

Well, like many avid Original Trilogy members, I’m going to attempt a restoration of The Holiday Special into 720p.

At the moment, I only have the Blu-Ray Boba Fett animation, and one crusty copy of the dreaded film itself. Any sources and pieces of media would help me with this time consuming project, and I shall keep you all updated.

Happy Life Day - Sishyo512

Update March 31

I have found several sources that I have in mind for using in my upscale.

1 - The 2011 Blu-Ray Star Wars Saga set - I shall take the Boba Fett upscaled animation & space shots taken from A New Hope.

2 - Tasjo 2013 WHIO - The highest quality tape without over edge & base for editing

3 - Zion Hybrid - The absolute highest quality I could find, with heavy edge

4 - Angrysun 2005 KCCI - Has the most genuine coloring that I have found so far

It would help if someone could help me find the Broadcast Master as I am having a few issues finding it. But for now those will be the sources I can use. I’ll manually cleanup all the tapes and keep the project as a Work In Progress.

Keep you all updated soon - Sishyo

Updates in the month of April

April 5th: I have received information about the actual Broadcast Master, along with HD versions of the trailers during the program. I have also started playing around with AviSynth which should come in handy when I get into editing.

April 27th: I have successfully combined HD elements of ANH with the Special. I successfully made the color pallet significantly better using the color bar screen in Avisynth, and I am now looking for programs to use for my editing. I am always open to any suggestions you may have, and this will most likely be the last post in the month of April.

Updates in the months of May and June

June 20th: The first few minutes have been significantly improved with color correction and as mentioned before, HD elements from the Blu Ray release of ANH throughout the month of May. I went through a few crisis’s in real life regarding family and education, but for now I got my life back on track. I’m probably going to do the same ol dissapearance for a few weeks, however progress should start to get gud during the summer.

June 26th: I got a new program to do some framing and editing of the Holiday Special called HitFillm express. I also got a new computer to do editing on, as my old on was being unresponsive and very slow. Below will be a comparison of some components I will now be using, and what their purpose is.

Below is The WHIO 1st Generation, and I use it for its color pallet

Below is the NTSC Broadcast Master, and I use it for frame timing and filling in empty frames

Below is the Blu Ray release of Star Wars: A New Hope, and I use this for whatever HD bits I can take from it since some scenes were reused in the Holiday Special.

Sorry if the the framing isn’t accurate, however these images should give you a sense of what these components serve. If I have any massive breakthrough with my progress I will certainly let you all know, but for now I’ll see you guys later

Thank you - Sid

Updates in the month of August

August 26: Hello everyone, quick update for today. I have finalized a lot of the framing of the Blu Ray segments into the Holiday Special. The deinterlace into 1080p60pfs was rough, so I may have to redo that. I have tried my best to color correct the Special, but that will take a lot more time. The only major thing left that I haven’t touched on is the score, and I have found a man who specializes in that department, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I will try to post my progress on November 17th if everything keeps progressing like it is right now.

Thanks everyone - Sishyo

Even though I’m not sure a blu ray version is required i have the upmost respect for what you’re doing. You must have a strong constitution to put yourself through having to keep watching it.

Help: looking for... Star Wars &amp; Empire Strikes Back edit - 'Rise of the Rebellion'

oojason said:

On there is reference to a ‘Star Wars: The Galactic Edit 1 - Rise of the Rebellion’, by Mustardkraken.

I think ForceGhostRecon (a member here) was also looking for this Edit at one time - if he was successful maybe he’ll be able to help you?

Other than that I don’t know anything about it - though good look in your quest for more info / cover art for it.

Thank you

Info Wanted: What am I missing in my fan edit collection? any recommendations?

Here’s my collection of Preservations and fan edits can you recommend any more what are your favourites that I’m missing

Episode 1
Cloak Of Deception

Episode 2
The Approaching Storm

Episode 3
Labyrinth Of Evil

Episode 4
Despecialized v2.5
Despecialized v2.7
Respecialized 1997
The Silver Screen Edition

Episode 5
Despecialized v2.0
Renegade Grindhouse Edition

Episode 6
Despecialized v2.5
Grindhouse 35mm LPP

Episode 7

Episode 8

Rogue One
The Battle Of Scarif

Info Wanted: The Godfather Releases...can someone help?

fpmpaolo said:

Hello people and ciao dall’Italia!

I’ve run into this page while seeking info about the Godfather.
I have a couple of fan edit.
One is in Italian and it’s called “IL PADRINO COMPLETE EPIC 1902 - 1959 ITA”.
It was aired on “Studio Universal”, a former Italian SAT-TV channel, and it’s 6hrs 43mins 26seconds long.
I have also a folder called “THE GODFATHER CHRONOLOGICAL EPIC 1901 - 1980” which is in English.
I remember I downloaded it from a private hidden torrent tracker and this folder is full of stuff (I’m preparing a list, give me some time to upload it).
In the “Movie” folder there are 4 .avi files divided as follows:

01 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1901-1945 (2 hrs 31 mins 09 secs)
02 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1945-1958 (2 hrs 22 mins 19 secs)
03 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1958-1979 (2 hrs 27 mins 25 secs)
04 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1979-1980 (2 hrs 26 mins 56 secs)

so total running time is 9hrs 47mins 51seconds.

I remember I watched it once a lot of years ago, and I remember it was edited from lots of sources such as the DVDs (with the extra scenes), the old VHS and the TV recordings.
Unfortunately I don’t have the .txt info file provided with the torrent (I’m really not sure if there was any TBH…), but if you wish, I’ll be happy to share it with you!

I also have “The Godfather The Complete Epic 1901-1959 HDTV 720p-iQ mkv” (which was broadcasted last year by HBO) which is a 9.56 GB file - 07hrs 03 mins 13secs.

Last but not least. I’m downloading
“The Godfather - A Novel for Television 1977 UNCENSORED EXTENDED 720p HDTV x264-BATV [ettv]”
which is a 14.53 GB file, but I really don’t know what it is.

Thanks for your patience in reading this loooooong post, I hope to find some more info for my passion!

Ciao, alla prossima!

Hi do you by any chance have cover art for "The Godfather A Novel For Television 1977“ I have been looking but have struggled to find anything usable thanks