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Topic - The Official Thread

Finnius said:

Jedi Master Skywalker said:

I mean you could contact him on Twitter but good luck with convincing you to give you a download links through Resilio or any other means…

Hope you do succeed 👍

Oh i never said i was looking for a download link. Like i said, i never asked him, and i had plenty of opportunity to. I’m just grumbling…lol

Ah, fair enough…I’ve been grumbling for years, I am sick of Disney not giving us what we want the most

Denoise, Regrain And CC of ESB Grindhouse (Released)

mate said:

The color is kind of weird for me: It kinda goes ‘back and forward’ in many of the scenes on Hoth and Dagobah (like when Luke is getting R2 out of the lake), is this a problem with every MKV of this or is it exclusive to me?

I have V2 if that helps

No it is in all of the MKV files cause it isn’t shot by shot CC I believe it is either Automated CC or Reel By Reel CC