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Alien 3 - Third Cut (Released)

I’m a big fan of Alien 3, yet I feel when watching either the assembly cut or theatrical, there are things that I wish could be tuned up, such as the missing scenes from the theatrical that were put back into the assembly cut, yet the assembly cut reinserts scenes while disregarding how the reshoots that were used in the theatrical version and this version, change the context of the film, creating contradictions in the narrative, also some of the decisions of the assembly cut messed with the pacing and could’ve trimmed some scenes. Finally, but not a big issue for me, was the composite effects used on the alien, this fan edit tried to improve the composited alien shots, which intrigued me most about the edit. The thing is I can’t find where to download and watch it for myself, so I hope to find a link here, so I can enjoy the work that was put into this edit.