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44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)

Nick66 said:

Given the mixed reaction (among enthusiasts, the mainstream reviews are effusive with praise), I’d think we’ll see a number of new fan projects based on this release once the 1080p BD’s are released next year.

Considering the framing is basically identical, using the Colour Matching tool should be easy

44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)

44rh1n said:

ChainsawAsh said:

…Every screencap I’ve seen of a shot that is 100% for sure not a VFX/composite shot definitely looks like a true 4K scan to me.

I think people are really underestimating how many composites and VFX shots are in these movies, and it’s already been stated that such shots are either 4K scans of 2K film-out negatives, or upscales of the 2K DI.

This. 100% this. There are so many VFX shots in these films, even shots that you wouldn’t ever think are VFX shots. But for shots that aren’t VFX, they definitely look like true 4K to me.

Also, I don’t know how anybody can complain about the Fellowship 4K release. It’s literally the best the film has ever looked on an official home video release. No other previous release even comes close! Sure, it’s not as close to the original color grading as my color restoration is, but the colors are a thousand times more natural than the previous extended Blu-ray release.

I haven’t had a chance to watch The Two Towers or Return of the King yet, though. And those revisionist screencaps concern me (although, I’ll wait to give my opinion on them until after I’ve seen how widespread those color changes really are). But honestly, I don’t see a reason to be complaining about these two films either, even if they did change the look. Why? Because these two films on regular HD Blu-ray already looked exactly like the original release! They look amazing on just regular HD Blu-ray. The only film that looked horrendous was Fellowship of the Ring, and now it’s (mostly) fixed.

We have all three films accessible to us, officially, in a way that looks pretty great. That’s what matters for both the consumer and for film preservation.

I think the giveaway for this being an upscale of the old DI is that the frame is exactly the same either on vfx shots or non vfx shots.
Im gonna link a few analysis posts from the forum.

Even in the unlikely scenario that this is infact a 4K scan, the DNR/Sharpening is so intense that takes away any detail that came with it. Gandalf’s staff disappearing from the DNR/Sharpening + general detail loss.
Im still interested in these sets just for the grading alone and considering im on a 1080p display, i wont lose much, but as far as 4K remasters go, this isnt one thats well done.

44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)

From the tldr’s i’ve read in the dumbsterfire that forum is currently and the comparisons between the matrix that is an actual 4k remaster, these seem to be an upscale from the 2K DI with some decently applied DNR and sharpening. I like the colour timing but im kinda disappointed they dont seem to be true 4K scans.

Info: Toei classic anime - Rumor has it... :(

Toei hasnt lost any film master. What do you think they used to make kai and Funimation’s film prints with?
What they dont have any more are the audio masters for any of their old series cause it was a common practice to reuse the magnetic tape again to save money and space. Only a couple of old toei anime releases have proper audio releases, the compilation films of Fist of the north star being one of them.
There was/is a very large project of gathering videotapes which have recorded the original broadcast audio from tv stations for Dragon Ball and Dragon ball Z.

Also on the 480 releases, its just toei not caring about their products. Do you think a company that actually cares would allow funimation to release a 30th anniversary of their biggest series not to mention with such an awful quality?