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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

IMO there will most likely be an all new Dir. Cut 

and if anyone can re-master laserdisc (if the master films were lost that is??) to 1080p HD it's LFL/ILM.  it would be cool if the blu's had 3 versions of each of the classic films:   (like what was done with Close Encounters)  New Dir Cut, 2004 Cut, OOT Cut  

and like in the TOS Trek Blu's  you can switch between versions to see what was changed as it played.  

Crystall Skull has GL's fingerprints all over it
I saw it this pasted sunday and it was ok, will make a nice blu-ray collectable. I hope it will be part of the Indy Blu-Ray box set later this year.

I heard G.L. wanted to shoot Indy 4 in Hi-def but Steven said no 1980s Film Stock would be fine. so the blu-ray will have "grain" that's ok with me though. it would have been better if it was shot in Hi-def IMHO.

and the CGI was ok with me.
What's on your Desktop?
I could not find the old topic about Desktop wallpaper so I started a new one.

I just updated my:

fyi= if you do not already know how to post:
first clear your screen to show the desktop
then do a [ctrl]+[print scr]
then open your paint program
and then use the [paste] command
save the file as jpg or gif or bmp
then upload it to a photo url like photobucket
then just link to it back here.

Deep Space Nine
I liked the part when Samantha Carter got taken by the Replicators! ..... Oh wait, that's Stargate.

A bit off topic...

I do not have a fav DS9 show other than the ones with Beautiful Miss "Chase Masterson"aka the Dabogirl{sp?} but I like Voyager. if they "Remaster TNG, DS9 and Voyager's to CGI like they did with TOS" I may buy those HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray's. but I heard TOS is not 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen.

Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD?
Triple-layer 51GB HD DVD May Be Ready

looks like HD-DVD will be bigger than Blu-Ray, HD going up too 51gb 3 layer disc.
This news from: http://www.homemediamagazine.com/

Several news outlets are reporting the DVD Forum has approved, or is close to approving, Toshiba’s 51GB, triple-layer, single-sided HD DVD, which was first announced at the CES show this year.

Storing 17GB on each of the three layers, the new HD DVD, if used in production, would surpass Blu-ray Disc’s 50GB. The DVD Forum did not wish to comment. However, Andy Parsons, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association’s U.S. Promotions Group, was quick to slam the dig at the Blu-ray 50GB with the extra 1GB, and questioned how the 51GB HD DVD would affect production costs for HD DVD backers, and whether the new discs would play on existing HD DVD players.

“It will be very interesting to see how they address production issues,” he said. “And wait a minute, wasn’t the 30GB big enough for them? They were so adamant about it.”

I now own both HD formats and I agree the price should come down below Reguler DVD for Films.
Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD?
Originally posted by: Knightmessenger
I'm not sure if I like how everything in the background in those Pirates 2 blu-ray screens is so much sharper. And some of the bright spots also seem to have really harsh edges instead of a gradual glowing area. I know it's not edge enhancement but it sure looks like it since the blu-ray screens just look more crispy. I was hoping the high definition release would show more of a clearer image with less compression rather than a sharper image.
The only reason I'm excited about blu-ray is because it has 5 times the capacity of dvd. I could honestly care less about the high definition capability. I'm surprised it hasn't been used for tv show season releases since the episodes could fit on one disc rather than four or five. It's annoying having anime shows be 4 episodes to each disc separately released when an entire season fansubbed can fit onto a data CD, good quality too! I also think blu-ray could have more potential for televised sports games to get video releases. Many dvd sets for the official championship video have not only season highlights but some of the best games in their broadcast entirety. Most sports games like that run about 3 hours which is difficult to fit onto one dvd. And many of the existing games released have very noticable compression. Most movies run 2 hours which is easy to fit onto a dvd. Many that are 3 or longer are split up onto 2 discs.
And hang on. The Blade Runner dvd will have 5 discs in the most elaborate set. Why will the HD releases also require 5 discs for the same stuff? Surely it could all fit on 3 blu-rays at the most.

I agree. shows like The X-Files could be on fewer disc's.

I was thinking how cool that first commercial for the blu-ray star wars dvd's would be like:
first the screen is black.. then you hear Vader's Breathing then a lightsaber sound turns on and we see the screen gets cut fast to show the Blu-Ray logo! then fade to black.

Lucas wearing "Han shot first" shirt during Indy IV production
Originally posted by: Master Sifo-Dyas
George Lucas is treating the situation the exact same way. Otherwise we'd already have a pristine cleaned up version of the OOT on blue-ray and hd-dvd.

Over at the digital bits they say:
Star Wars films will NOT be released in high-definition until there is a clear winner in the Blu-ray Disc/HD-DVD format war (implying that they'll eventually be released on only one of the two formats

My guess is that only the SE:04 will mostlikely be in high-def. a fan preservation made OOT blu-ray/HD maybe. ether way I am glad I am not yet ready to go high-def. there is still some time (Nov 9, 2009) I think thats the last day of Analog.