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Skywalker - A Star Wars Story (Sequel to Kenobi - A Star Wars Story) (a WIP)


So in the almost four months since posting this, much progress has been made. It is currently on its fifth draft, and the change list is as follows.

  1. New Lucasfilm Logo
  2. Prologue of Vader being found on Mustafar, and being put in the Vader suit. Includes VO of Palpatine from the DS ending to the Force Unleashed.
  3. Solo-esq. title cards over movie clips in place of a crawl. Music: “Vode An” (Star Wars Republic Commando Soundtrack)
  4. Opens on the Tantive IV being boarded by Darth Vader before an escape pod jettisons.
  5. Story does not follow the droids on Tatooine, rather it fades directly to the Lars Homestead.
  6. 3PO and R2 are Owen and Luke’s first choice of droids (no R5-D4)
  7. End most of the scenes as soon as Luke leaves the room or becomes irrelavent
  8. Wipe from R2 running away to Luke and 3PO searching for him.
  9. Don’t spend too much time on the Sand People.
  10. Fade to black when Luke is attacked. Fade into Qui-Gon and Anakin looking at the stars.
  11. Flashbacks added to Obi-Wan’s introduction.
  12. Depth added to the zoom in on Ben’s house.
  13. Scene inside Ben’s house has been restructured, and flashbacks have been added.
  14. Lightsaber ignition/deignition effects added throughout Episode IV.
  15. Fade from Ben’s house to Anakin choosing to become a Jedi.
  16. Fade from Luke finding his aunt and uncle to Anakin leaving his mother (Across the Stars added to that scene), followed by Anakin dreaming about his mother suffering, with Padme asleep next to him.
  17. Special Edition Mos Eisley intro mixed with Obi-Wan’s description.
  18. Ronto in front of the camera has been removed, and the Stormtrooper doesn’t adjust his helmet.
  19. Han and Greedo’s scene happens during the events leading up to Han introducing himself to Luke and Ben.
  20. New effect for Han shooting Greedo. (inspired by SciFifan2019)
  21. Skip Luke selling his speeder (who cares)
  22. Fade from the Falcon escaping Tatooine to Anakin meditating after his nightmare, followed by the two travelling to Tatooine and the Lars Homestead. Scene ends with Anakin leaving to find his mother, after looking at the suns. (The Skywalkers should be blind from all the suns they stare at)
  23. Ben feels Alderaan’s destruction more towards the middle of the scene.
  24. Blue glow added to Luke’s saber.
  25. Morph Cut used to smooth Luke activating the lightsaber with the blast shield down.
  26. Does not cut to Ben on the Death Star until the duel.
  27. Han’s phone call is cut. Luke runs down the hall and hears Han yell that they’re gonna have company.
  28. Trash compactor scene is cut.
  29. “He is here,” scene moved after Detention Area shootout.
  30. Obi-Wan vs Vader has been replaced with a heavily trimmed and color corrected SC 38 Reimagined, with new audio.
  31. Qui-Gon’s death music added to Obi-Wan’s death. (Inspired by SciFifan2019)
  32. Wilhelm scream added during hanger shootout.
  33. Shot of Vader breaking through the door between him and the Hanger added. (Inspired by Aggelw)
  34. Fade from Luke mourning to Anakin bringing home his mother. (TIE Attack cut)
  35. Flashes of Anakin killing sand people during his confession.
  36. Rogue One music added to Yavin approach.
  37. General Dodonna pronounces Leia correctly.
  38. General Dodonna explains a precise hit should “disable” the station.
  39. “Tales of a Jedi” added to Luke and Han’s goodbye, and Luke and Leia’s scene following.
  40. Biggs is mostly cut.
  41. Rogue One music added to Luke’s take off.
  42. Battle of Yavin restructured to be mostly from Luke’s perspective.
  43. “Into the Maw” (Solo Soundtrack) added to Han’s return.
  44. New Death Star explosion.
  45. Made a new sequence of the Rebel base being evacuated.
  46. Luke flies from Yavin to Dagobah, after being told to by Ben.
  47. Flashback of Yoda training child Obi-Wan.
  48. Fade from Luke leaving Yavin to Anakin dreaming of Padme’s death.
  49. R2 does not fall off of the X-Wing after the Dagobah crash.
  50. Thunderstorm starts as soon as Luke and Yoda leave the campsite.
  51. Palpatine contacts Vader, on the Death Star, regarding a great disturbance in the Force.
  52. After the call Vader declares his intention to kill Palpatine, after recruiting Luke.
  53. Luke is told explicitly not to enter the cave.
  54. Fade from Luke being warned about the cave to Anakin coming to Yoda for guidance on his premonition.
  55. After the X-Wing is lifted, Vader reaches out to Luke, from the Death Star, with the Force.
  56. Luke trains while Yoda is asleep, when a voice calls him to the cave.
  57. The Bespin duel has been recut and made black and white (apart from the Lightsaber blades) to make it fit as the vision on Dagobah.
  58. After learning the truth, Luke leaves that slimy mudhole, while Obi-Wan tries to convince him to stay. Yoda dies sad and alone due to the weight of his failure.
  59. Luke uses a blue lightsaber during the events of RotJ
  60. Vader tells Palpatine “The Death Star will be repaired on schedule” (Thanks to SciFifan2019, for getting that to work)
  61. Fade from Palpatine’s arrival to the Death Star to the scene at the Opera House.
  62. Fade from the Opera House to the Rebel fleet gathered near Sullust, with Rogue One music underneath it.
  63. All references to the “new” Death Star are altered to fit the new story.
  64. The Rebels applaud Luke for his deeds at Yavin.
  65. Shuttle Tydirium’s approach had been restructured.
  66. TIE Attack music from Episode IV added to the Speeder chase.
  67. Vader flies from his Command Ship directly to the forest moon.
  68. Wipe directly from the Ewoks seeing 3PO for the first time to story time.
  69. Fade from the middle of story time to Vader arriving on Endor and reaching out to Luke again.
  70. Luke hears the call and leaves during story time.
  71. Vader senses Obi-Wan’s presence on Endor.
  72. Luke and Obi-Wan have their last talk on Endor instead of Dagobah, near the Imperial Outpost. (No that’s not an X-Wing in the background. It’s an Imperial… thing…)
  73. Flashback of Anakin and Obi-Wan, as well as Luke and Leia’s birth.
  74. Dialogue restructured between Luke and Obi-Wan “Then our only hope is your twin sister.”
  75. Luke is captured right after talking to Ben.
  76. Changes to the dialogue between Luke and Vader on Endor. Quick flashes to Padme and Anakin on Mustafar.
  77. Fade from Luke and Vader leaving Endor to Palpatine revealing his identity to Anakin.
  78. All Luke, Palpatine and Vader scenes in the Throne Room leading up to and including the final fight are made into a single scene.
  79. Slight changes in dialogue between Palpatine and Luke to better fit the new narrative.
  80. Placeholder of Anakin’s saber on Palpatine’s throne.
  81. Prequel music added to Luke and Vader’s duel.
  82. Flashes of Anakin at times of battle and rage while Luke goes to town on Vader.
  83. Fade that side shot of Anakin and Dooku dueling during the side shot of Luke fighting Vader.
  84. Flashes of Luke getting his hand cut off in the vision and Luke cutting off Vader’s hand, when Luke looks at his gloved hand.
  85. Fade from “So be it, Jedi,” to Anakin discovering Mace Windu with Palpatine at saberpoint.
  86. Palpatine’s transformation is recut to be more vague. (Inspired by Hal9000)
  87. Internal audio added to Vader’s decision. (No, “No”)
  88. Vader’s death, funeral and return as a spirit (Hayden) are mixed into a montage with “Across the Stars” playing underneath it.
  89. Credits when the fireworks start in the sky.
  90. Post Credit scene using TFA and TLJ, with an MCU joke thrown in.
Skywalker - A Star Wars Story (Sequel to Kenobi - A Star Wars Story) (a WIP)

Last February I published my 3-to-1 prequel edit “Kenobi - A Star Wars Story” on YouTube (link removed by moderator as per the site’s Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ - Rule 4; a simple search for the title of the project on youtube should help find it…) and remarkably it was only blocked in 6 countries. Since then I’ve begun work on a sequel titled “Skywalker - A Star Wars Story” an edit that attempts to blend Luke’s story with highlights of Anakin’s story, and makes no attempt to hide Vader’s origin (as it is a sequel to Kenobi). While progress is being made, I do have an issue when it comes to cutting down the OT. With Kenobi there were plenty of prequel edits from which I could draw inspiration, but there are almost no Original trilogy edits condensing the story. So far I’ve seen “War of the Stars” Parts 1 and 2 and “Pulp Empire.” If anyone has any ideas for what I could do, or knows of any other edits I could watch that condense the OT, please reply below.

Edits so far (SPOILER ALERT):

  • Vader’s revival (severely trimmed) as a prologue.
  • A text block (similar to the intro of Kenobi) to fill in the blank between Kenobi and this. Being written.
  • Almost all scenes without Luke are removed (story told from Luke’s perspective).
  • Inclusion of the Tosche Deleted scenes (currently being restored by Sky Shazad on YouTube), intercut with Anakin and Qui-Gon at night.
  • Periodically cut to Vader and/or Anakin.
  • Very brief flashbacks during Ben’s House, specifically talking about Luke’s father.
  • Creation of a sort of “There has been an awakening,” scene on the Death Star after Ben’s house, followed by Anakin learning he’s free.
  • Han shoots Greedo before introducing himself to Luke and Ben.
  • Obi-Wan vs Vader replaced by heavily trimmed, color corrected, version of SC 38 Reimagined.
  • Death Star only damaged during assault (Same Death Star as RotJ).
  • Luke flies from Yavin to Dagobah as the Rebel fleet escapes.
  • Luke is told not to enter the cave by Yoda and enters while Yoda is asleep.
  • Vader reaches out to Luke via a RotJ Deleted scene.
  • The Bespin duel takes place inside the Dagobah cave.
  • Luke leaves Dagobah after finding out about his heritage. Obi-Wan tries to stop him.
  • Yoda, asleep says “Failed, I have…” and dies.
  • From Dagobah Luke returns to the Rebel fleet, who have just learned where the Empire is repairing the Death Star.
  • Vader periodically reaches out to Luke during RotJ.
  • Luke leaves the Ewok village without being noticed and talks to Obi-Wan about his sister. “Then our only hope is your twin sister.”
  • Minor dialogue changes; “Padme once felt as you do.” - “I’ve accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father,” “Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him!”
  • Flash to dark moments of Anakin when Luke goes to town on Vader.
  • Vader’s death to his funeral and his return as a ghost (Hayden) is turned into a montage over “Across the Stars.”
  • Ends before the celebration.
  • Ending of TLJ as an Epilogue.

This is gonna be quite the thing isn’t it?

Revenge of the Jedi (RotJ Dark Edit) (* unfinished project *)

darkspire17 said:

i was working on a more somber ending, having lando killed during his mission to destroy the core, havking wedge die from the explosion, and having no music during the final moments, just the rumbling of the death star’s destruction

That’s a nice idea. If I might make a suggestion, maybe end it with Luke burning Vader and have the ghosts appear then.

Revenge of the Jedi (RotJ Dark Edit) (* unfinished project *)

So as the title suggests, this is an edit of Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. The aim of this is to give the film a darker tone and overhaul the ending. I’ve been working on this off and on for almost a year. My computer crashed and I lost a lot of data for this, however recently I started working on it again and now I’ve started sending out workprints/drafts with the hopes of getting feedback and tips, though I’ve only really gotten total approval and absolute disapproval.

The edit so far implements the deleted scenes of Vader reaching out to Luke at the beginning and Moff Jererrod’s Conflict. Vader also reaches out to Luke a couple of times throughout the film. The Ewoks have been severely trimmed (Animal cruelty?). Luke now uses a red lightsaber and I used footage of Anakin killing the Separatists, with the music from Vader’s hallway scene in Rogue One as a means of removing the Sarlacc Pit ( Vader’s lines have been trimmed to be more irredeemable. There are numerous other edits however the main ones mainly take place at the end. I’m working on is adding a new space battle to the ending, after DS2 has been destroyed. During the battle the remaining rebels are scattered and ultimately crushed.