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Toy Story 35MM Recreation - Blu-ray ISO Coming Soon (a WIP)

I’ve also tried fixing the opening Disney logo on the Toy Story Blu-ray release. I hate the new Disney logo so much. Luckily I have the original 3D Renderman Disney castle in HD 16:9. Its not from Toy Story but Its the full length logo that can easily be edited to fit back into the film. I have a archive of it in 1080p and a bitrate of around 15,000. Would love to contribute with helping this project so please get in contact! 😃

Info Wanted: "The Mask" Workprint Composite? has anyone done / made this?

Hello my friends, i am your saviour. I am the owner of the mask workprint channel on youtube and have been working on a composite version for over 3 years now. I am on my 4th attempt now, and am trying to make it the best one yet. I have sourced many different archives and have spent hours going through the workprint remastering it, frame by frame. I am so glad to see a few people out there are interested in a composite version, i will keep you updated and post screenshots and clips of my progress. I am predicting it will be done around late july maybe august. I plan to keep the aspect ratio in 16:9 cropping the 4:3, (this is not definite, i still might do it in 4:3 open matte, if possible. The soundtrack will mainly be the original workprint, ‘Beetlejuice’ soundtrack remastered. Some of scenes with no music in the background will be added and i hope to have the full audio in 5.1. Any questions feel free to ask, check my youtube channel for regular updates.