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Is 4k worth the upgrade???

CloakedDragon97 said:

It really depends on the movie. A lot of Blu-rays could use it if they had DNR, edge enhancement and incorrect color grading. But for releases from companies like Criterion and Arrow, they don’t need it as much. Also, newer movies tend to not look as good as older ones due to them being shot and finished digitally, usually at not true 4K resolution.

I agree. One with I find distracting is the ‘soap opera effect’. For instance the film Gemini Man. Sure it looks fantastic but it tends to lose the affect given from a film pundit’s point of view.

Star Wars 2004 DVD-inspired Covers (ONGOING)

hihocustom said:

I am aware that mostly in this forum hated the 2004 Star Wars DVD copies or covers ever since it was released. But I still wanna share these covers and respect their opinions.

-credits to u/Megakyle from reddit, by reusing some of the templates from his 2004-style sequel trilogy dvd covers.

The Mandalorian
-back covers is made by u/claxen123 from reddit (with permission included).
-these back covers will be the design for my live action series DVD covers temporally.
-maybe soon I design my own back covers and also to tie with the official releases.

Season 1

Season 2
-I’m not satisfied with this design
-I’ll remake this cover soon with a new back cover

The Book of Boba Fett
-I copied u\claxen123’s back cover design

-if there was a season 2

Obi Wan Kenobi

Version 1

Version 2


Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars
-I reused the official released back covers

Volume 1
-front cover by old user mageguru, (if I only ask him a permission)
-I changed some parts, I corrected Anakin’s hands.

Volume 2
-I slightly adjusted the existing official front cover
-the qualities of both sides of this cover are not quite good

The Clone Wars
-prepare for another reused back covers

-official front cover of the game
-I realized that i’m not putting too much an effort in this one.

Season 1
-official front cover of the game

Season 2
-official front cover of the game

Season 3
-Fan-made poster by reddit user DIIIVOY (with permission included)

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6-7 (SOON)

-another reused back covers

Season 1
-from the official poster

Season 2
-Fan-made poster by reddit user DIIIVOY (with permission included)

Season 3 (SOON)

Season 4
-Fan-made poster by twitter user Darth_Santiagoxsz (I’ll ask him a permission soon because i don’t have a twitter yet)

Droids and Ewoks

-back covers by old user Blackout, (if i only ask him a permission)


Season 1

Season 2 (coming soon)

The Bad Batch

Season 1

Season 2 (coming soon)

The Holiday Special

-back cover by old flickr user TheGreatWhiteDope , (if i could only ask him a permission)

Andor (coming soon)

These are fantastic!!