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(The Rise of Skywalker) Legacy of the Force | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

This is the best TROS edit ever when I watch tros I will watch this edit but here are some great things and some things you could fix before the final cut.

  1. The rescoring was perfect but I didn’t like the rescoring in the final battle felt the trailer music was a bit too corny

  2. There is a continuity error in that kylo gets his helmet repaired before he lands on Mustafar so maybe put the Mustafar scene after he gets his helmet fixed

  3. I Loved lukes voice in the cave

  4. Rey killing her parents was great but that shot of the ship crashing feels out of place

  5. Another continuity error is the that when kylo turns around to see Han Rey stabbed in the stomach when she was facing his back

  6. Another excellent feature is kylo on Coruscant but the edges of his face are rough you might need to smoothen it

  7. The final Battle left me speechless the one we deserved Thank you only thing if you can I know it is very difficult because I tried once but it failed is try to replace Rey’s body with Anakin’s at that second if you can’t I understand you already did enough

  8. Luke at the end felt very cringed maybe put all the force ghosts in the end

This is great I know it is difficult but you have done an excellent job you said you have only finished 40% but you could after some roughing the edges I believe call this 100% unless you want to change more

And last I have seen many fan edits of TROS No Palpatine, anti cringe, Ascendent, and many more but yours is the best easily because it make a bad unwatchable movie to a good entertaining movie

(The Last Jedi) Fate of the Jedi | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

Great work little bit needs to be done on to rough out the edges.

The only thing is balance of the force doesn’t mean acceptance of dark side principles because that leads to anger and hate.

The old jedi order did make mistakes in their narrow mindedness to dogma but balance means that there is no sith because the sith use it for their own selfish desires but the jedi use their powers for the common good this actually explained in the legends book truce at bakura.

I know this sound like a rant but it’s not even if you continue with the same idea of balance i will support you because I Am a legends fan myself.

Also I have a request maybe try adding Mara Jade via a dialog that implies she died before the sequel trilogy just thought it would nice to see a core legends character come.

Also would love to see your alpha version of TROS