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The Indiana Jones Project (Released)
So what your saying is that I couldnt release anything other than your movies, and they couldnt be one entire set but seperate torrents?

I'd really love to work with you and have your cooporation on this project but ease up a little, I dont know why everythign has to be so strict with this release anyway, its all in good fun and for the fans.

I dont want to argue with you or anything really but loosen up, we are not going to get any money out of this, this is purely for the fans.

The Indiana Jones Project (Released)

Baby hum has promised to send me these

The Making Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark (24 FPS Progressive) (transferred from Japanese or (hopefully) US Laserdisc
Great Movie Stunts: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (24 FPS Progressive) (transferred and converted from PAL VHS or US Laserdisc)
The Making Of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (24 FPS Progressive) (transferred and converted from PAL Betamax OTA)
Great Adventurers And Their Quests: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (24 FPS Progressive) (transferred from Japanese Laserdisc
Memorex Temple Of Doom Ad

Already have the 5th Best Budy disk given to me by the great Doctor and Neil should be providing me with some other great content like press coverage.

I am in negotation with Cassidy for these:

THE RAIDER DVD SPECIAL - was actually a re-edit more or less of the original 1981 television special. I believe there may have been one or two shots actually that differred from the original special, but it is almost negligible and porbably a waste of time to include it. Plus, most of us probably have it already.

The Diet Coke Commercial - was included at the beginning of the Last Crusade VHS release (both the single and box set versions from 1990).

I also recieveing an old young indiana jones commericail.

And of course the Malcolm In The Middle/Simpsons/Muppet Babies parodies.
The Indiana Jones Project (Released)
Yeah of course, I understand and will do what deleted magic did like uploading clips and different parts of the set.

Until I recieve the docs which should be soon, I will have a better estimate for you guys to how many DVD's this will be.

I have friends in the industry that will help me compress it but without quality change like how they do it for retail DVDs.
There are only three parodies so far, MITM/Muppets/Simpsons, thats enough I think. They are short, like a minute a piece.