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A Star Wars USB Drive - <em>Box, Case, Tape, Tin, Frame, Figure &amp; Cover</em> Thread...

Hey everyone, I’m making yet another format of the movies. This time I’m going for a usb collection. I’ve got a blu ray case meant to house a flash drive coming, and put together this case art below. Made this as a composite of many images. Hope everyone likes it. And yes, the series ends after episode 6. Let me know what yall think!

***The Custom DVD Cover Request Thread***

Hello all, I am making a blu ray sized usb case for ep 1-6 and have an idea for the back cover art using the titles over the star back ground. I’ve found this format for the OT but not prequels. Does anyone have something like this or could you help me put this together? I’m envisioning the titles centered and stacked descending from ep 1. Here’s what I’ve found so far that inspired this. If anyone is able to help it is MUCH appreciated

Star Wars THX &quot;Faces&quot; DVD Covers (Finished)

oojason said:

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^ cheers mate 😃

Some Faces Discart… (from Rikter’s fantastic 2004-ish dvd covers disc)

These are great. I am making a set with this art style and was wondering where you got the images, and if there was a higher res set floating around out there?

There probably are some higher-res images of these somewhere out there by now - though I don’t know where, sorry!

These images are from Rikter’s awesome collection of covers and disc art - which can be found here:- - look for the ‘Discs’ section.

More links - and more disc art etc - can be found in the An Index & Help Thread for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art


So I am by NO means skilled or well versed in image editing. I am fairly decent with Paint though. I took these and cleaned them up a bit. This involved making sure all the black in the background (not part of an actual image) was uniform in color. I saw a bit of a haze around the Star Wars (ANH) starships and went through and cleaned that out as well to make it solid black. Hopefully these actually look alright, they seem at least cleaner, not necessarily better, than the originals. I have lots of love for the “faces” box set so this was pretty fun. I think my next step will be adding the logos (not sure where), the blu ray emblem (if I will be able to burn at 4k I will add the UHD logo), and “4Kxx” Let me know what y’all think.

Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers

TheDarkKnight said:

Here’s a blu-ray version of the faces art that I created for the despecialized edition. It may not be perfect, my skills are lacking. I should also note that they are technically a remake of sorts of the faces DVD art that was in the DVD Cover forums a few years ago. Hope you enjoy my first post to!

Jedi DespecializedEmpire DespecializedStar Wars Despecialized

New to making covers, and grew up with the faces VHS tapes. Wanted to use these for my Project 4k set I am putting together (went a more classic route with the Despecialized versions). Very minor change but wanted to put these out into the world in case anyone had any tips or also liked them.