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Why Boba Fett is now bunk
I have had a prevailing suspicion since finding out the Holiday Special came out before Empire.

Since he was written for the Holiday Special's animated part, Fett was possibly not originally Lucas' character. Someone likes him enough to use him as a plot device (-Be it Lucas? Kasdan, or Brackett more likely), and Lucas is genuinely surprised at how beloved the character becomes. Maybe he feels like Fett somehow overshadows his own characters-so much so that he feels like he can't NOT put him in Jedi, but resents the character to the point that he chooses to off him as comic relief. (Seriously, even as a child, who wasn't perplexed at how weak he was killed in Jedi?)

Years pass, the prequel ideas are percolating, and he's accepted that people love Fett as a badguy regardless, and he figures "Okay, let me use Fett to make the Stormtroopers cooler!" and poof, all the clones are Boba Fetts of one slice or another. He does the one thing that cuts down the joy of the Mandalorian- He makes him commonplace.
Prequel total rewrites...?
I was kinda hoping that Obi-Wan would actually purposefully hide Luke from Padme, but leave Leia with her. Hell, she didn't even seem to know that she was having twins!

From the jump in the prequels, even though Ewan MacGregor was the best Obi-Wan I could have imagined, I hated that Lucas removed the idea that Obi-Wan was impetuous, and also willing to lie for a greater good. Qui-Gon's whole "promise me you'll train him-he is the chosen one" thing totally undercuts the turmoil and failure that drives the OT Obi-Wan.
MagnoliaFan Edits: Ep I "Balance Of The Force", and Ep II "The Clone War" (Released)
I just watched both a few days ago.

TPM had been nigh-unwatchable for me, and now...it's not bad. Balance is a better, and more mature movie.
AOTC- I could have done with a little more trimming of Anakin's post slaughter whining, but what can you do? Guess can't really add in dialogue. And the yellow saber Dooku is a not only a wothwhile possibility, it gives more credence to the war itself as being essentially realistic political disagreements, as opposed to everyone just being suckered.
I am surprised that the deleted scene where Padme addresses the Senate wasn't put in, but I am so much happier that the Obi-Wan - Mace Windu conversation replaced the Obi-Wan - Yoda conversation.

I need dvd's of these.

Good Work, Magfan. Thank you.