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Help: Looking for... The Shining VHS Rips

Is there mono audio for the shorter International Cut? looking on ebay even the snapper case versions seem to be surround sound and have the digitally restored and remastered banner at the top.
Ideally I’d want an NTSC release of the International Cut in mono so it doesn’t have the PAL Speedup - higher pitch effect.

Info: Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

The Invincible Barbarian - 1982
original title:
Gunan il guerriero
Gunan, el guerrero
Gunan - König der Barbaren
Gunan, King of the Barbarian
Lost Warrior
Mervians Sohn
O Imperador dos Bárbaros

VHS version has intro sequences and narration as well as at parts in the film, not present in the only DVD I have found, or on the Amazon version, (That is, or used to be available free on prime) which seemed to be from the same master copy.

This is the dvd:

Horizon - How To Film The Impossible - Remastered (Released)

Great work Harmy! I’ve always liked these kind of Special Effects documentaries.
I’ve found a blog here-
It’s a treasure trove of behind the scenes stuff, focused on matte paintings.

Movie Magic from the 90s is another good series

anyone know of any others? or, for instance good behind the scenes specials/featurettes of particular films?

44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)

Brilliant work!
Am I right in thinking that v3 can be burnt to a bd-r dl 50GB disc and play on standard blu-ray players? if so it surpasses my extended edition in all ways haha, no need for disc swapping.
I am curious as to the difficulty of joining the two halves, did it require much wrangling?

Help: looking for... 'Off His Rockers' - 1992 Animated Short Preservation

Hi all,
Putting this out there.
It seems this short is unreleased since a Laser Disc of Honey I Blew Up The Kid, which I understand it also preceded in theaters.

It is on YouTube, however, the quality is low with burned in interlacing type artifacts, frame blending. The colors seem off too but that may just be how it was intended.

It is an interesting short, mixing traditionally animated and computer animated characters. To me it has a Toy Story feel about it, art style and the music choice!

Anyone out there interested?

Superman I-III extended TV cuts & Info - Where have the Preservations gone? (Released)

Booshman said:

Chewtobacca said:

I love ya, Booshbaby, but you’re hard work sometimes. 😄 😄 😄 (I am too, I know.)


Ah, so dropping in the footage as is, but within the black border of the original film. So the sides drop out during the added footage?

It’s one way of doing it is suppose. My preference for part 3 would just be completely 4:3.

At first glance I thought this looked ridiculous, but after thinking about it I’d say it makes the most sense. If it’s not too much work could you make a small clip or gif of the transition?

RossDaBoss said:

skoal said:

RossDaBoss said:

You might want to hold off doing a Superman 3 just yet as a I have a higher quality source tape (Superman III - ITV MAY-07-1990). I also have another tv broadcast coming in the post this week. I’ll add more info soon.

More info please…

I’ve now received the other tape and it turns out to be the first UK broadcast of Superman III - ITV (HTV) SEP-05-1985. I believe both tapes are higher quality then the current fanmade releases on Mysleen. I hope to upload some pics or a video sample over the weekend.

Hi there, I have to say I’m curious as to how people come across buying these old tapes, is it through meetings at conventions and the like? could you give a little more info?

I have come across sites before that tend to look defunct, wherein people list their collections and want lists for example.

Idea & Preservation Request: Beastmaster 2 (* unfinished project *)

LuigiBastardo said:

I know this post dates back from way back when, but I have transferred both BEASTMASTER 2 and QUEST FOR THE MIGHTY SWORD to DVD-9 from LaserDisc. If anyone is still looking for these, please feel free to drop me a line.

Some screenies…


I know I’m bringing this topic back from a while back, but if Luigi or anyone he might have shared his Laser Disc rip of Quest for the Mighty Sword with is around to share this rarity with me, I’d be very happy!

From looking around, the longest cut of Ator 1 the Fighting Eagle seems to be 98 Mins and is available only on VHS or Betamax.
There seems to be two widescreen DVD prints of Ator 1, a Spanish release and a U.S. one. Neither appear to be longer than 92mins, though I’m not sure how PAL Speed-Up may factor in here.