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test for lordjedi
Originally posted by: lordjedi

1. Depends on what the "medical treatment" is. A doctor cannot refuse treatment (at least in California). You might get stuck with a giant bill, but you won't be refused treatment. I guess I would want to know how/why the parents have no medical insurance (ie what situations arose that they decided to have a child without having the ability to take care of the child). That's mostly because I just can't imagine bringing a child into this world without having the ability to take care of it.

Well what about a woman living in poverty that gets raped?

What does it mater that parents were to stupid to have the kid. Why punish the kid for the parents mistake?

Lordjedi you're a cold hearted jerk.

Star Wars Saga on DVD Petition
Originally posted by: DGC General X
This petition is for anyone interested in Lucasfilm getting of their lazy asses and make that darn box set. Feel free to write down your thoughts if you want to comment next to your signature. I got really excited about the rumored announcement for comic-com, but once again crushed that it was just a rumor.

Keep those SIGS coming.

would this set contain the OOT the same video and audio quality as the SE and Anamorphic? If so, I'd be all for it. If not, screw it.