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I don’t understand when I’m talking bout tech with someone and they say that they have X website blocked by provider or that their provider was threatening to take down their net because they download too much.

Are internet providers really such new-age cyberhitlers?

All my internet provider does is slow down the speed from 2 mb/s to 500 kb/s if I download more than 500GB per month.

What do you <em>want</em> to happen in the the rest of the ST?

TV’s Frink said:

BillionaireHobo287 said:

Frank your Majesty said:

This thread is called what do you want to happen not how you want it to happen. Just list the main plot points of your script here and the whole thing in the proper subforum. I know it’s not frequented that much, but that’s probably because most people don’t want to read the walls of text that such stories usually are. Forcing these walls of text on us here is highly annoying.

Same thing. I actually already did that though. Sorry. If somebody critiques my third draft (which I’ve edited to hell) and tells me how to improve my writing, I will never post stories here again

This is like my daughters promising to go to bed if I give them a second dessert.

Third draft sucks. No more fanfiction.

What do you <em>want</em> to happen in the the rest of the ST?

Episode VII

The Fiery Fall of Kylo Ren and his Knight Battle

Kylo Ren: If only I had

out of ideas, come to this section later

Rey kneeled down and choked on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

Kylo Ren: Now you know the power of dark side!

Kylo Ren smiled as Rey took off her robes, only for Luke to pop up from them.

Luke Skywalker: Why Ben, why? Why did you go to dark Sid?


epic lightsaber battle ensues

Luke strikes but is has win

Kylo Ren: nooo why

Luke Skywalker: This is what you get for killing Han Solo (OMG I STILL DONT BELIEVE THEY ACTUALLY KILELD HAN D: 1 like 1 respect for han)

Shivered Kylo Ren cried on the floor like a baby

Luke takes a sip from Kylo Ren’s foutain and becomes young again

Luke: So, Rey, how about we go to Coruscant?

Luke grabbed Rey and they ran away on in a in Millenia Fall

Snoke: But you dont not winning (dun dun dun!!!)

roll credits

Type your criticism BUT IF YOUR’RE A HEATER THEN DONT’T WRITE NOTHING ITS MY STZORY I YO DONT LIKE DONT READ! Constructive criticism Compliments only plox 😉 :^* :^* :^* :^* □

&quot;Reyncarnation&quot; Theory

BillionaireHobo287 said:
EDIT: What you are judging from FUCKING POKEMON (shit series even in the beginning) is the equivalent of a Japanese person thinking American cinema sucks just from watching Michael Bay’s Transformers movies

Bro, Pokemon is one of the BETTER animes (though that’s like saying the shit I took today was better than the shit I took yesterday)

Watch the first 3 minutes of this, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qd0i5KR4hIM , and if you aren’t hooked, anime doesn’t fit you. Brothers try to ressurect their mother, and awful shit happens. The English acting is one of the best in the business too, so that helps.

Well that was garbage.

If you are hooked, watch the entire original series then move on to a reboot called Brotherhood. It was all available on Netflix, but it might not be there anymore.


the Avatar series because I haven’t seen much of it

Avatar isn’t anime

There are things you can do in animation that are impossible in live action.

Not really, pretty much since CGI is a thing.

Rey is reincarnated Ash Ketchup 600% confirmed

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

moviefreakedmind said:

yhwx said:

Maybe we should have restrictions on fireworks.

They have to stop at midnight, so I’ve got a ways to go yet. These people have got monster fireworks. When wallhangings are falling off of their hooks, you’ve got some military-grade stuff on your hands. Lol.

Wow, and I thought New Year’s Eve is crazy.