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Rene Laloux Movies with English dubs

I have multiple versions of all three Rene Laloux animation movies.
La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)
Maitres du Temps (Time Masters)

All three are now available on Blu-ray and Gandahar is available in 4K as well.
Two out of three do not include an English soundtrack.
My goal was to create the best version of each movie with an English soundtrack.

The Criterion release of Fantastic Planet was the only Blu-ray available with an English dub
but the coloring was terrible and the English audio was Dolby Digital at 192 kbps.
I used the video from the German release from Camera Obscura and synced the lossless
English audio from a PAL DVD. It now has French and English Audio plus English subtitles.

For Time Masters I used the video from the Japanese Blu-ray from TC Entertainment.
The only English dub of this movie was from a BBC broadcast that luckily was recorded
by someone years ago and shared. I synced this audio with the Japanese release.
It now has French and English audio plus English subtitles.

Gandahar was the toughest of the bunch. It has never been released with a proper English dub.
There is an English version of Gandahar called Light Years that was re-edited for US release
so I used the audio from my laserdisc release of Light Years.
For the video I used the new release from Le Chat Qui Fume.
Light Years is a different edit than Gandahar so the dialogue needed
to be synced in pieces. There was also a small amount of missing dialogue.
I ended up using AI text to speech software to recreate the missing dialogue.
I did the best I could and it turned out better than I expected.
I should also point out that the Light Years score is different than Gandahar.
Gandahar is now available in 4K and HD with a French and English soundtrack
plus French, English and Spanish subtitles.

For the US fans I also created a 4K and HD version of Light Years
using the opening and closing credits from my laserdisc plus the audio from
my laserdisc and edited the new video to match the Light Years edits.

The MKV files are large because I did not compress the video. I prefer quality over smaller
file sizes. You can always download them and compress the video yourselves.

If you are interested any or all of these versions you acknowledge that you already have
the releases I used and that the downloads are for personal use only.
I will only be offering these for a limited time and then it will be up to other people to share them.

'Kiki's Delivery Service' - DJMasturbeats version (1998 Disney English dub) (Released)

Dee713 said:

girlygirl1002 said:

Hello! I am also requesting the 1998 version. My dad lost my original VHS copy and I’ve been dying to hear the version I grew up with one more time 😂

Did you try the link cuddlyhawk provided? Wondering if it is safe/what it claims to be.

At 974 MB it isn’t going to be very good quality even if it is real.

Wondering if these have been done already (70s-80s animation related)

I have both the bluray and a vhs copy of Lord Of The Rings. It should be a simple edit. I’ll do it
sometime this week when I have time.
I hadn’t noticed the change in the narration at the end. I did replace the audio from my Return Of The King
and Hobbit animated movies with the VHS audio because there were a bunch of missing sound effects.
I have Asterix and Cleopatra with English audio and full screen in HD but I don’t know if there is missing
footage. Could you tell me what to look for?

Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?

Nokes said:

I just made an account to follow this project. I never watched this movie growing up but my wife did, she says “it’s good, but not my favourite”. Well, we tried to find it on Disney Minus and that led me down a rabbithole of the sad history of this , mishandled, underappreciated movie. Now I’m obsessed, and just watching the movie won’t be enough, i need to see the best possible version just to spit in Disney’s face.

This is the project I am waiting for.

Song of the South - 35mm project V1.1 (Released)

This is definitely my go to version now. I have lost count of how many versions I have had.
I started off with a dvd made from a transfer of a PAL VHS tape. Next up was a laserdisc transfer
that had hard encoded subtitles. Then, finally transfers from film that have gotten progressively
Maybe one day Disney will release a proper official 4K version but I’m not holding my breath.
Thanks for your work on this one CMGF.

Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

Doctor M said:

Am I correct that Snow White has a 1080p Blu-ray sourced from the same remaster as the 4k UHD?

Yes, I just received my 4k copy today and the Blu-ray that comes with it has the same remaster.
Also there is no info about a mono audio track on the box but there is an English track that
is DD 2.0 that might be it. I’m not expert enough to listen to it and be sure. Why a 4K disc
would have a lossy track instead of lossless is another question.

Info/Help Wanted: Nickelodeon (1976), Director's Cut Rare Find?

The DVD is available on Ebay for $25.52 US right now.
The color version is available on Amazon Prime in 1080p.
The HD color version could be converted to B&W and upconverted scenes from the DVD edited in.
I’m not sure how not living in the U.S. would affect you.


Futurama Seasons 1-4 in HD

deadakaalive said:

Hey mate, I managed to get these ripped HD versions of the first 4 seasons if you would like them?Futurama.S01.1080p.WEB.h264-NiXON.

To get all 72 epiosdes of the original 4 seasons you will need to download
Season 5 from these “NIXON” downloads.

Help looking for The Cotton Club Encore Extended

JF_Sanderson said:

Never seen this movie but I did hear Coppola really wanted the newer edit. For fans of this flick do you like original or directors cut? Greg Z, do you like the extended?

I do prefer Coppola’s encore version over the original but some of the original
scenes did seem important to the story.

Help looking for The Cotton Club Encore Extended

Did you ever find a Cotton Club Encore Extended edition?
I have a copy of exactly what you are looking for.
It is quite a large file, I believe about 40 GB.
It is an ISO file meant to be burned to a BD-R 50 disc.
There is also artwork included for the case and disc
so it looks like an official release.
I could shrink it to an MKV file if you prefer.
Let me know if you are interested.


Scenes from the original cut re-inserted into the Encore cut.

  1. Original opening credits with the dancing girls.
  2. Frenchy tells Owney the Dutchman has arrived at the club.
  3. The rooftop pideon coop scene.
  4. Dixie meets Gloria Swanson.
  5. The Sandman / Lila scene where she tells him she has a private life.
  6. Dixie in the car with his brother after Vincent is shot.
  7. Mr. Jewitt offering his help to Madame St. Clair and Bumpy.
  8. The longer scene of Dixie and Vera in the white curtains.
  9. Irving announcing the presence of Chaplin, Brice and Cagney at the club.

Movie is now about 144 minutes

Gumby: The Movie (1995) - Original Theatrical Version Reconstruction (Released)

maggerbee said:

I was planning on doing this as well. I don’t have the Directors Cut DVD. Does that DVD include the farm scene as a deleted scene?


Yes, the farm scene is included in the DVD deleted scenes.
I don’t have a spleeter account so I have no idea what is available there but
I made myself a theatrical cut version Blu-ray that I can share with
anyone that is interested.


Ncircle: Gumby - The Movie blu ray
Kidvision: Gumby - The Movie VHS
Classic Media: Gumby - The Movie DVD Director’s Cut

For editing purposes, I decoded the blu ray audio to 24/48 PCM Stereo and
captured the VHS audio at 24/48 PCM Stereo.
Ripped and upconverted the missing scenes from the DVD.

  1. Warner Vision Films logo added at beginning of movie.
  2. Three missing scenes edited into Blu ray video.
  3. VHS audio was used for the missing scenes to have
    all the audio at 24 Bit 48 kHz PCM stereo.
  4. VHS audio was used for the song “This Way 'N That”
    during the closing credits to replace mono with stereo audio.

The movie is now over 90 minutes long.

You have a choice of an MKV file or an ISO file.
The ISO file is made to burn to a single layer BD-R.
It can also be played with VLC media player.
With the ISO you get a higher bitrate plus a menu.
Disc and cover artwork is also included. Cover is for
a standard 12mm blu ray case.

The Brave Little Toaster (1987) 4K 35mm Film Scan! (WIP)

moviejim said:

Venny said:

I’ve been getting a lot of PMs about people wanting access to the folder. If you didn’t already have access before from donating I’m not going to give access unless it’s someone working on the project directly. I will not be handing out downloads for many reasons so please don’t ask. If you have donated and can’t access the folder for some reason I will make sure to fix that, but please do not clutter my DMs with download requests if you haven’t contributed anything to the project

I wish I would have seen this post before reading it you were having a hard time getting a laser disc copy my son has a laser disc copy I would have graciously donated the audio track to you. Oh well maybe next time very much looking forward to the release

I’m glad I ended up with a copy of the laserdisc.
Even though it appears to be the same scan as the DVD
with the beginning of the movie looking like it was scanned
during an earthquake, the coloring is completely different.
I believe it is much closer the original film than the DVD.
You do get the superior audio track in my opinion.
I ended up transferring an upscaled version of the laserdisc
and creating a Blu-ray for me to watch until the 4k restoration
is complete. I included the 24 Bit 96 kHz audio from the laserdisc
and the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio from the DVD for comparison.
I also included the English, French and Spanish subtitles from
the DVD.
If anyone is interested, I can provide a link to download this version.
I have an ISO file that can be burned to a single layer BD-R so you
get a hard copy with menus and I made an MKV file that is the
same size. PM me for the link.