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The Original Theatrical Versions of the Star Wars Trilogy: A Cultural Heritage

Hello, there.

First off, I tried to start this new topic in the ‘Sites and Publications Supporting the Petition’ forum, but it didn’t let me (Error: 403 Forbidden), so I’ll just do it here!

My name is Gonzalo, and I’m both from Spain and Argentina. I’ve been a fan of the original, unaltered theatrical releases of the Original Trilogy since childhood. I want, like many of you, to see one day the OT in high quality and without all the unnecessary changes George Lucas made over the years. Harmy’s Despecialized Editions are brilliant, but it would be great to get the real stuff, too.

That’s why, now that we approach the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, I decided to do my part to try to convince Lucasfilm—and now Disney as well—to give us back the original films as they once were.

So, I started a (new) petition at Change.org to get it done.

Would you guys help me out and share the petition with as many people as you can? I’d really appreciate it.

May the Force be with you!

Link to the petition: http://chng.it/Lp2SPP7M