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Various Star Wars Questions

I’ve had a few questions over the years and with having watched the last two movies multiple times those questions only seem to be increasing so I figured I’d see what others could fill in for me.

The Prequel is essentially the Emperor or Palpatine gaining control of the Republic and turning it into the Empire. My question is aside from things like dictatorships are bad and things of that nature. What is so evil about the empire? In ANH Han, Luke, and seemingly most citizens in the galaxy are living every day, happy lives. What makes the Empire so evil? We see the Emperor dealing in the dark side, we know he’s a dark sith lord, but it seems all but the smallest fraction of people in the world’s lives are virtually unchanged from the prequels to the OT. There doesn’t seem to be any talk of economic crash, or repression, or anything of the sort.

I always believed the Sith to just be the dark side of the Force. The anti Jedi if you will. You see with the Jedi in the prequels there are countless Jedi, an entire council of masters, apprentices, and possibly those in between? I guess thats a side question. Is everyone that is a Jedi either a master or an apprentice? Do you graduate from apprenticeship and instantly become a master? The other question is why do we never see any more than a Sith master and his apprentice? Are there really only one, two , maybe three people practicing the ways of the Sith at one time? Where are the rest of the Sith at?