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Koopa Troopa Productions restoration projects

darkspire17 said:

TF dosent need restoring, all you need is the mono audio mix and the maverkick DVD release (using broadcast masters)

Maverick’s DVD releases used the original broadcast video for only the first season, “Five Faces of Darkness”, and “The Rebirth” before switching to the Rhino versions. The first season episodes also have a hodgepodge of variant intros and end credits, as well instead of the versions they originally aired with. And since Sunbow created their PAL masters by converting the NTSC video masters, you’ve got frame-blending and whatnot to deal with, as well.

There are a number of French DVDs that use the broadcast video, in addition to the Japanese DVDs (which, outside of a few episodes, are edited), but none seems to cover every episode. There’s also the issue of title cards: most copies of the second season episodes that have been available since the '90s don’t have their title cards (this goes for episodes of G.I. Joe and Jem that aired that same season, as well), and while episodes after that point always have title cards, foreign copies have translated title cards. And if you want to get REALLY pedantic, finding versions of the end credits with the original Claster credit (as opposed to Sunbow Productions International) is a bit of a challenge for Sunbow shows, as well.