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Star Wars GOUT in HD using super resolution algorithm (* unfinished project *)

Williarob said:

I’m sure it’s dead - why upscale the GOUT DVD to HD when we now have Star Wars in 4K?

However, if you would like to complete this project yourself, page back until you find the final version of the AVISynth script. All the tools you need are free: Virtualdub, AVISynth and all of the filters, including the Infognition Super Resolution plugins:

In fact, it looks like all the software on their site is completely free at the moment, including the stand alone superresolution program, and the After Effects, Virtualdub and AVIsynth plugins. Just register with your email on the site and get an instant unlock code.

There’s just a charm to DVD. Easy to make for my friends as well. I love the work you and your team has done with your 4KXX projects Will. I’m a huge fan actually haha. I’m waiting with bated breath for 4K80 as ESB is my favorite OT Star Wars film! I’ve watched 4K77 too many times to keep track! Specially with that wonderfully mastered DTS HD 5.1 Track I was able to show my friend the original unaltered Star Wars for the first time. You will be getting a donation soon! I just don’t get much money at my small small work place. It’s also the holidays so money’s tight. Regardless I’m on an epic search for the best version of ESB as unaltered as possible. Whether that means I upscale GOUT or LD. Regardless I can’t wait! I hope the money I can give y’all will make the process eaiser!